Clarence Rambharat

lease distribution: Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries Clarence Rambharat, centre, stands with lease recipients following a Lease Letter Distribution Ceremony at the ministry’s head office in Chaguanas yesterday. Also in photo, at right, is acting Permanent Secretary in the Agriculture Ministry Susan Shurland.

THE Ministry of Agriculture is on “high alert” with respect to State land fraud and other illegalities, Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat said yesterday.

He was speaking at a lease letter distribution yesterday at the Ministry’s office in Chaguanas.

On the issue of fraud, Rambharat noted that in the past few days, he had to treat with two respective matters which will be reported to the Deputy Commissioner of Police for further investigation.

Twelve bonafide Wallerfield farmers were recipients yesterday of long-term State leases for agricultural parcels that are not currently in productive use.

The Minister noted that State agricultural parcels in the Wallerfield area were being cultivated by farmers but they were unable to make long-term investments as they were not legal parties to the land tenancy arrangement contracted with the State.

This is untenable as other people who own the land are reaping the rewards of the farmers’ hard work, Rambharat said.

The Ministry will be taking action in the Wallerfield area so as to ensure that these bonafide farmers have land that they can acquire a long-term lease for, he said in a statement from the Ministry.

On the issue of agricultural State lands, Rambharat said there have been an increasing number of requests for the subdivision of these parcels, a measure which he was reluctant to comply with, except for “extreme circumstances”.

The Minister was adamant about the preservation of the long-standing principle that State land for agricultural purposes not be subdivided.

“Agricultural plots were designed for the family to be able to work it and derive a certain level of income from it so when you start breaking it down to one-acre parcels, everybody will want to build a house on them and then only a little piece will remain for a kitchen garden and these agricultural plots were not designed for kitchen gardens,” he explained.


IT HAS been 480 days and counting that the Chuck E Cheese franchise in Trinidad has remained closed as children under 12 are still not allowed in safe zones.

In October, the Government drafted a safe zone policy that does not allow children under 12 to enter restaurants and other places of leisure.

DASIA Edwards may be small in stature, but her passion for growing her own food is larger than life. So much so, this female farmer last October won the Ministry of Youth Development and National Service’s award for Agriculture in the (18-35) category.

INCOMING CEO of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Ian De Souza, says T&T should consider adopting measures that would curb the demand for foreign exchange, in order to effect changes in the country’s consumption patterns.

T&T Securities and Exchange Commission

EVERY new year, many individuals embark on a journey to increase their investment portfolio. The securities market provides individuals with many different options to achieve this goal with products such as equities, bonds and Collective Investment Schemes (CISs). With this in mind, this article focuses on CISs.

How many of you took the risk over the holiday season and travelled out of the country?

If you did, you would have had the same shared experience that everyone flying into Trinbago has been blessed with since borders reopened. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or first-timer, everyone has the same great experience of completing a fresh Travel Pass to get access.

The cost of doubles, the anytime snack of Trinidadians, has gone up.

Some vendors have upped the price by $1 after flour prices went up earlier this month.

On Monday, I Love Sauce Doubles Team took to their Facebook page to announce a price increase. Doubles have moved from $5 to $6, triples are $8 and saheena is now $6 for one. A Sauce Team member, who did not wish to be identified, said yesterday it was a tough decision to make but many food items have been increasing in a domino effect.