Queen’s Park Plaza

Queen’s Park Plaza, which overlooks the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain, is home to bpTT.

BPTT says it intends to continue its tenancy of Queen’s Park Plaza and the adjoining Albion Plaza at Queen’s Park West.

The issue of bpTT changing its tenancy arrangements at the building arose early last week as the company confirned it was in the final stages of an involuntary separation exercise aimed at reducing its 800-strong workforce. The severance exercise followed an earlier round of voluntary separations.

Those job cuts were mandated by BP’s chief executive Bernard Looney, who announced in June that the transnational oil company would decrease its headcount of about 70,000 employees by about 10,000 employees.

And then on Friday, BP announced in London that it had completed the sale of its headquarters building, located at 1 St James’s Square in central London, for about US$332 million. BP agreed to lease back the building for two years at a lease cost of about US$15 million a year.

Both Queen’s Park Plaza and Albion Plaza are owned by RGM, a commercial property development company that is owned by RBC Merchant Bank (Caribbean) Ltd, Guardian Holdings Ltd and Sagicor Life Inc.

BPTT is the anchor tenant in the buildings.

The bpTT spokesmen said: “Despite ongoing work-from-home arrangements due to Covid-19, bpTT will continue its tenancy in both buildings.”


United National Congress (UNC) members at the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation are condemning a price hike in fees at the Corporation, saying it is heartless and wrong to increase cost during a pandemic.

Some of the fees for services such as obtaining a food badge has increased from $40 to $100.

TWO foreign yacht owners are appealing to the Government to relax its border restrictions an…

Finance Minister Colm Imbert said yesterday that “most of the teething problems” associated with the rollout of the Asycuda Version Four 2.2.4 system have been resolved.

There had been complaints from shipping companies that the new system, meant to improve the process by which cargo is cleared at Customs and Excise, had instead crippled the process.

Internet access is no longer a luxury or an idle pursuit to follow mediocre social media content,” says Kurleigh Prescod, country manager, Flow Trinidad.

Speaking last Friday at the launch of a new Flow retail centre at Gulf City Mall, La Romaine, Prescod said internet access “is the unofficial public utility, a necessary for our routines, a must have for SMEs and other businesses, a connection for transactions and discussions that do not include finance. Connectivity is basically… life”.

DIGICEL Play, which is now Digicel+, has reached 100,000 customers in Trinidad and Tobago in just five years and it is meeting its profit target year on year.

MAJORITY State-owned TSTT’s data centre is located in a deliberately nondescript building just behind the PriceSmart in Mausica.