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COME next month, Digicel+ customers will have to pay a $5 or $6 more for broadband Internet plans, bundles and add-ons.

Citing mostly global challenges, the company told its customers in a notice yesterday that the increase will take effect from June 15.

Digicel+ highlighted that the price increases have become necessary at this time due to the effects of global supply chain challenges, global inflation, increasing costs of international television content and challenges accessing foreign exchange, which have all significantly increased the cost of doing business.

“These price changes will only take effect on accounts that are past their minimum service periods and our team remains committed to working with our customers to support their needs,” the notice indicated.

Some affected plans will be the Fibre 100, which will increase from $280 plus VAT to $285; Fibre 150 will increase from $409 plus VAT to $415. Those two plans are cable only. Also increasing in price would be the Digicel+ bundle offers, which combine cable service with broadband Internet. The lowest cost bundle will increase from $305 plus VAT to $310; Premiere 250, from $845 to $850 and Smart Home Connect from $999 to $1,005.

Last June, the company raised its home Internet pricing as customers were working from home more, along with online classes, due to the pandemic.

Digicel+, at that time, said the cheapest subscription would have been $280 VAT inclusive for Fibre 100, while the most expensive subscription would have been be $1,325 VAT inclusive.

Earlier this week, Verizon Communications Inc announced that millions of consumers will see a US$1.35 increase in administrative charges for each voice line starting in their June phone bill.

“Business customers will see a new economic adjustment charge beginning June 16, with mobile phone data plans increasing by US$2.20 a month and basic service plans going up by US$.98, according to Verizon representatives,” Verizon said in a statement.


ENERGY Minister Stuart Young told a conference in Suriname last week that Trinidad and Tobago will be able to increase its production of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and fertilisers if the United States were to ease its sanctions on Venezuela.

Speaking at the second Suriname Energy, Oil and Gas Summit & Exhibition (SEOGS) in Paramaribo on Tuesday, Young did not mention either the US or Venezuela by name, but he was clearly referring to the Dragon field between that is located in Venezuelan waters to the north of Trinidad.

WORKS and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan said yesterday that come August, the Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking a private investor for the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (PATT) will be issued.

It has been 20 months since the Government signalled its intention to seek a private investor for PATT via a Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement.

Come Monday, consumers will have to fork out more money for what has come to be known as their vital supplies, as the price of Crix and some other products manufactured by the Bermudez Group will increase by between $1.75 and $8.50.