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HUNDREDS of employees of Flow Trinidad received their first dose of the World Health Organisation-approved Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine at the NCIC Divali Nagar mass vaccination site in Chaguanas last week.

In a statement Flow’s vice-president Simone Martin-Sulgan said: “As an essential service, taking care of our people continues to be a priority for us during this pandemic; our collaboration with industry stakeholders for priority access to Covid-19 vaccines for our staff is our commitment to continue to operate during this pandemic while keeping our people and our customers safe.”

Martin-Sulgan said the mental load their team members have carried over this period has been a huge one.

“Getting vaccinated offers the security of an extra layer of protection for them and their families while maintaining our customers as one of our biggest WHYs. We are doing this in support of Government’s Vaccinate to Operate programme so that we can get our country back to full productivity,” Flow’s vice president said.

When asked why she chose to get vaccinated, Flow’s Retail Sales Coordinator, Stacey Telesford revealed: “It’s the practical thing to do. Covid isn’t going away any time soon and now that the vaccine is in play, the “new norm” will include specific requirements for what was once considered simple. Taking the vaccine allows for an easier process.”

Jacqueline Thompson, Manager, Customer Care Operations said: “It’s my PSR [Personal Social Responsibility]—Being vaccinated, I protect myself, and in doing so I protect my kids and others”.

Andre Lee Ha, senior manager, Global HSE said: “I know vaccination will not prevent me from contracting the virus it will however, increase the possibility of me surviving this deadly virus. And it is for this reason I took the jabs, so that I may continue to support my loved ones.”


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