Dr Keith Rowley

In LATE CEO’s honour: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, second from right, poses for a photo following the cutting of a ribbon to signal the renaming of Proman’s new methanol-fuelled tanker, Stena Pro Patria, after the late CEO of Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Ltd, Dennis Patrick, during a ceremony at the Hyatt Regency yesterday. From left are David Cassidy, CEO of the Proman Group, Cassandra Patrick, Dennis Patrick’s widow, and Erik Hånell, president and CEO of Stena Bulk.


Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday that T&T will explore a bunkering industry, based on the use of methanol as a marine fuel.

He made this comment at the launch of Proman’s methanol-fuelled tanker, Stena Pro Patria, at the Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain last night.

He said that T&T would seek to take advantage of its geographical location, of being close to the Panama Canal by offering fuel services for ships.

In addition, he said Proman’s ability to provide methanol fuel would be viewed as part of T&T’s climate change response.

He said Proman’s position dovetailed with the Government’s own position on these two issues.

“We are one of the largest producers and exporters of methanol in the world,” Dr Rowley said.

“What we are aiming to do is to make T&T a major refuelling hub for ocean-going vessels,” he said.

Proman’s chief executive David Cassidy observed that Proman has been pushing methanol as a fuel of the future.

“Methanol will play a leading role in the energy transition. It is the only alternative marine fuel currently available which immediately cuts greenhouse gas emissions and removes other unpleasant pollutions. In addition to these immediate benefits, we can also see a clear, commercially viable pathway to net zero.

“And as Trinidad and Tobago, the major producer and exporter of methanol, this means that there’s a huge opportunity for all of us here to do that. It’s an economic opportunity for sure. It’s also a skills opportunity,” he said.

Cassidy noted that T&T is known around the world for the calibre of its operational management expertise in the petrochemical sector and “together we can help others with the next generation of low carbon and renewable methanol plants.”

“There’s also opportunity in the marine sector of the future, such as our first group of cadets, right here at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, and now travelling the world on board this vessel, the Stena Pro Patria, broke through as well as on board our growing feet of methanol powered ships,” Cassidy said.

The ship was christened last night.

The ship’s godmother is Cassandra Patrick, whose late husband Dennis Patrick, the vessel is named after, Patrick was the former CEO of Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited (MHTL).

The company noted that traditionally ship-naming ceremonies are held at the shipyard, once the construction and sea trials are completed and the vessel is ready to sail. However, they held the ceremony in Trinidad in recognition of Patrick.

Stena Pro Patria is a state-of-the-art methanol-fuelled tanker, the first of an initial fleet of six methanol-fuelled ships owned by Proman and Sweden’s tanker operating company, Stena Bulk.


AS several communities across the country are still reeling from flooding, the Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT), and business groups, have joined the flood relief drive.

SATT said yesterday it is co-ordinating its relief effort with the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM), municipal corporations and various NGOs.

In addition to food, it said basic medical supplies, hygiene products, detergents and sanitising products will also be provided where possible.

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) is proposing stiff rate increases over the next five years as the utility seeks to become more efficient and pay off its almost $2 billion debt.

T&TEC’s proposed rate increases, which are watermarked DRAFT, are contained in its business plan for the period 2022 to 2026, which was submitted to the Regulated Industries Commission (RIC) earlier this year. The RIC was established in 2000 to regulate the cost and service quality of four utilities, comprising T&TEC, the Water and Sewerage Authority, PowerGen and Trinity Power.

For residential customers, T&TEC is proposing rate increases of between 40 to 65.75 per cent in the price of electricity over the five-year period.

ARE you thinking about preparing a will, but are reluctant to go through with the exercise because of the expense, time and hassle?

Aliyah Hamel-Smith, who is the founder and managing director of ExeQtrust Ltd (EQ), earlier this month launched an app that is located on what she says is the first comprehensive and customisable online portal for will generation in T&T.

The EQ will app allows an individual to go to the company’s website, exeqtrust.com, create a user account in which details of assets are itemised as well as instructions on who should inherit those assets. Documents such as property deeds are placed in a dropbox, access to which is limited to the client and the administrator account of the website and app.

HEALTH, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) are particularly important for industrial companies, including those in the energy sector and this is why TOSL Engineering ensures proper policies and procedures are implemented for the safety of all workers.