Guyana gears up for first oil

Guyana gears up for first oil

THE COLOSSAL discoveries ExxonMobil has made in Guyana to date will help expand production and revenue generation through a number of projects, analysts say will be the most profitable in the world.

“We know so far that the fields are world class and many outside consultants feel that these are going to be the most profitable deep-water projects on the planet”, says Peter Millard, Latin America Senior Correspondent at Bloomberg.


SCOTIABANK’s senior vice president Caribbean South & East Stephen Bagnarol is in St Kitts and Nevis finalising matters relating to the transfer of the bank’s operations to Republic Bank.

ONE day last week—it must have been Tuesday, my offday—I was flipping through the newsroom of the T&T Stock Exchange website, when I came across a notice that read: “The Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Limited (TTSE) received notice from Massy advising that a shareholder connected to a director purchased 109,273 Massy shares on October 21, 2019.” That’s interesting, I thought to myself, as I headed directly to the pulldown menu that allows viewers to get all of the recent notices of the companies listed on the local stock exchange.

“CONTINUE to do well. Study hard. You will have the responsibility of building a better Trinidad and Tobago. We are proud of you.” So said Labour Minister Jennifer Baptiste-Primus while delivering the feature address at the prize-giving ceremony for the Poster and Essay Competition on “The Future of Work” in Commemoration of the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) 100th anniversary at the Hilton Trinidad yesterday.

EXACTLY one year after the shareholders of the West Indian Tobacco Company Ltd (WITCO) approved a three-for-one share split, the owners of the cigarrete-producing company are still waiting on approval from the Ministry of Finance.

By now you’ve heard the pessimistic comment ‘bigger isn’t always better’. Tech giant Samsung has been proving this statement false for decades and what better example than the Note 10 Plus. Behind the eye-popping screen lies a combination of features that is guaranteed to keep you both productive and entertained for years to come.