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NEW OCCUPANTS: Trotters at Gulf City Mall, La Romaine, replacing Hard Rock Cafe which ceased operations earlier this year. —Photo: TREVOR WATSON

THE Hard Rock Cafe franchise did not make it to its first anniversary in Trinidad, having had to close its doors at one of the largest and premier spots at Gulf City Mall in San Fernando.

The rock and roll-themed restaurant made history as the first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago, but its success was short-lived.

The area is now occupied by another popular restaurant, Trotters.

A manager of Trotters told the Express yesterday the company moved in and began operations on August 8.

She said, “It is a new branch. Given the situation with the pandemic, we do have a take-out service and delivery service like any other restaurant, and we also have a ten per cent discount once your total bill crosses $300.”

For months, social media has been buzzing regarding the operational status of Hard Rock Cafe Trinidad after the restaurant’s iconic sign along with the awning was removed from its usual spot outside the establishment.

There was further speculation after the restaurant remained closed following Government’s phased reopening of malls on June 1.

The Express also witnessed movers boxing up furniture and other items from the restaurant.

Manager of Hard Rock Cafe Trinidad, Sherry Persad, seemed reluctant to speak on the issue but confirmed another restaurant now occupies the space in San Fernando.

Speaking to the Express yesterday, Persad said, “I can’t give any official statements. I am no longer associated with them (Hard Rock Cafe), so I can’t give any kind of statement.”

Sources close to the establishment claim the closure of Hard Rock Café Trinidad makes it the 17th Hard Rock location worldwide to close since January. Some attributed the closure to the pandemic, while others felt the price of the food for the area was too high, which turned off customers, and ultimately was bad for business.

Some even offered to buy some of the restaurant’s décor and memorabilia.

The last post on Hard Rock Café Trinidad’s Facebook page was dated March 25.


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