IN the last four years Chinese tech firm, Huawei, has invested $272 million (US$40 million) in Trinidad and Tobago.

“And we will continue to invest in developing this country because we have long-term plans for T&T,” pledged Jeff Jin, Huawei’s newly appointed chief executive officer for T&T and the Eastern Caribbean.

Among those plans is Jin’s “personal goal” of T&T transforming into the ICT hub of the Eastern Caribbean.

“Why not? You already have the infrastructure,” he said.

Express Business sat with Jin on Monday, at the Huawei’s T&T office on the Western side of the Queen’s Park Savannah, where he expanded on his focus for the T&T market and briefly discussed the recent US trade sanctions against the company.

The 41-year-old officially took up office on July 18.

He is responsible for overseeing strategic growth, development and overall operations for all of T&T and the Eastern Caribbean.


T&T’s GREEN Fund has certified 27 projects up to March 30, 2020 with the total approved value at $392 million. A total of $279 million has been disbursed under the 27 certified activities.

While Trinidad and Tobago’s borders remain closed indefinitely, other countries in the region have started re-opening with stringent protocols and policies in place.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused disruption of varying levels and continues to affect many nations across the globe. This widespread disruption has impacted companies in different ways and has resulted in new and innovative ways to ensure business continuity and in some cases, has caused a negative impact on operations and profitability.

IN THE ashes of LIAT, once the Eastern Caribbean’s dedicated carrier which went into liquidation last month, comes the opportunity for more private sector players in the regional market for air transportation.

REFLECTING on his nearly 56 years as a contractor, Emile Elias is proud both of the enduring structures his company, NH, has built throughout T&T and the region and of creating structures within the company that will ensure its longevity.

AS T&T enters a new phase of economic activity while continuing to face the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, it would be appropriate to discuss how the public sector can accelerate its digital transformation and technology adoption to improve the ease of doing business to meet future needs.