Express Business Filler #1

This week, we at Bourse seek to provide some insight into US dollar investment opportunities available through Bourse and within the local financial landscape. “How can I invest my US dollars?” is a question on the mind of many investors lately, particularly those who have been or will be involved in market transactions—such as NCB Financial Group’s recently concluded offer to Guardian Holdings Ltd shareholders—where US dollars will be received.

In an environment where US dollar availability is somewhat constrained, investors with access to US dollars should ensure that precious financial resource is gainfully employed. Fortunately, there are investment solutions that cater to the risk and return preferences of almost every investor.

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This week, we at Bourse take a look at the financial performance of two major players in the Non-Banking Finance sector: Sagicor Financial Corporation Limited (SFC) and Guardian Holdings Limited (GHL), for the six-month period ended June 30th, 2019. 

LAST week saw 1,346,042 shares traded on first tier market, a decrease of 14.24 per cent on the previous week’s total of 1,569,519 shares crossing the floor. The value of the shares traded was up by 15.62 per cent to $14,347,690.73 from the previous week’s value of $12,409,110.29.

Thanks but no thanks. Wheel and come again. This is the message president of the Public Services Association Watson Duke has sent to UNC political leader Kamla Persad Bissessar, who on Tuesday called for unity with the trade union movement, ahead of next year’s general election.

THE Chief Executive Officer of the Heritage Petroleum Company Mike Wylie has taken leave of absence from the job on medical grounds. This was confirmed by chairman of Trinidad Petroleum Holdings Company (TPH) Wilfred Espinet, who said the CEO was on sick leave.