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DESPITE disclaimers from several prominent organisations publicly distancing themselves from the planned “Elevate” job fair, the event’s organiser says it is above board and not a scam.

The job fair, originally carded to be held at the Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies’ Valsayn campus on June 3, has been advertised as a platform to connect job seekers and employers.

However, over the past few weeks several organisations including Republic Bank Ltd, HADCO, and the Maritime Financial Group have denied any knowledge or involvement in the job fair and have chastised the organisers for the unauthorised use of their logos to promote the event.

“Royal Castle Ltd is aware of a recent mentorship and job fair advertisement that utilised our company’s logo, without prior authorisation. The Company therefore wishes to confirm that we are not affiliated with this event or its promoters and further will not be participating in this mentorship and job fair,” Royal Castle, one of the latest companies to issue a disclaimer stated on Wednesday.

A spokesman for Power of Excellence, the organiser of the event, however, said the entire situation was the result of a misunderstanding and the job fair is still going ahead as planned.


He said the issue that sparked the various disclaimers was a result of ignorance on their part and not malice.

“It is all due to a misunderstanding which caused the disclaimers which is why people are questioning (our legitimacy) and we understand,” he said.

“There is a procedure to put a company’s logo on an advertisement which we didn’t know,” Power of Excellence said.

He claimed the organisers had preliminary discussions with all the parties named but not a formal agreement.

Power of Excellence said the event now has 30 registered companies and 285 job seekers attending so far.

The companies do not pay to participate, while it costs $150 for individuals to attend.

This is Power of Excellence’s first job fair.

“We did everything legitimately and professionally we never did anything wrong,” the company stated.

“The Power of Excellence is a professional registered business and we have been helping people for years,” he stated.

The event is now scheduled to be held at Bishop Anstey High School East and Trinity College East in Trincity.

“Although there were complications we cannot disappoint people. We are still striving hard to make sure we execute the event to help. We are not doing anything wrong at all this was just a case of miscommunication,” he said.

“It cannot be fake. Everything is legit. We are helping companies get workers while we are helping people find jobs,” the Power of Excellence stated.


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