The Bolt laptop is the first Caribbean branded laptop through a local company based in San Fernando, called Mobile One Limited.

Trinidad and Tobago has made history, having produced the first Caribbean-branded laptop through the San Fernando-based company, Mobile One Ltd.

The company, via its branded laptop, BOLT and its programme Laptop-4-Life, launched its initiative on December 4 on Facebook, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on education and students.

Director of Mobile One Limited Josh Peters on Thursday told Express Business what it took to get plans from concept to creation.

He said, “The idea for the Bolt Laptop-4-Life programme came to me as I was exploring the needs of students in the ‘new normal’. I knew they would always need to have access to a functional laptop to access their virtual classroom, which has become the order of the day. From idea to implementation took us approximately six weeks. This time-frame covered expanding on the idea to include exciting features, a brand name and logo that would be appealing to our market, and establishing manufacturing arrangements for the development of our BOLT laptop.”

According to Peters, the laptop is manufactured by the same supplier to popular tech brands such as Lenovo, IBM, Fujitsu, Kodak, HP and Haier, among others.

Some of the key features of the laptop and benefits that come with the device include Windows 10, MS Office, Free hardware upgrade every two years, free warranty replacement, free carrying case, free software upgrades, year-round maintenance, and a courtesy replacement unit.

Giving some insight into the Laptop-4-Life programme, Peters said it is a service obligation programme created by his company to give persons in need of a laptop, either for work or study, an opportunity to access a functional device.

Some of the other specifications of the laptop is as follows: CPU: Intel Celeron J3355, RAM: 6GB, SSD: 64GB, Screen size: 14.1”

Peters said, “I am very pleased that we have begun to actively address the philosophy of “No Child Left Behind”, which guides us in the execution of this project. Our intention is to continually make a product as accessible as it can be to an ever increasing market of students here in Trinidad and Tobago and indeed the rest of the Caribbean.”

Peters said the Laptop-4-Life programme ensures that the person will always have a functional laptop at their disposal while making incremental payments over time through its two-year lease-to-own plan.

How does it work?

To enter the lease-2-own programme, an initial payment of $1,099 is required followed by monthly payments of $225 over a 24-month period. These terms may change during promotional offers.

Should you remain in the Laptop-4-Life programme beyond the initial 24 months, you will have access to the following services at a fee of $99 per month.

• Access to year-round technical support

• Free hardware upgrade as required every 24 months

• Free software upgrade

• Provision of a courtesy laptop should the current laptop require repairs

How do I enroll in the Laptop-4-Life Programme?

• Deposit the initial lease payment at any Republic Bank into account number 830466319801

• Fill out the online Laptop-4-Life application form using the following link

• Upload your photo ID, proof of address, initial lease payment receipt, and a copy of standing order stamped by your bank.

According to Peters, customers who choose to become a part of the Bolt Brand Ambassador Programme can also make some extra money.

He said, “Anyone within our region can benefit financially from the sale of this brand via personal recommendation to a friend, family, colleague or anyone else and would be paid $75 when the sale is closed.”

The lease-2-own plan is currently available for laptops only. In the future, this option will also extend to tablets and phones, Peters said.

For more information on the programme, call 777-BOLT (2658) or email


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