Express Business Filler #1

Today marks the return of a column by industrial relations practitioner, Diana Mahabir-Wyatt, to the Sunday Express. Given the hightened interest in industrial relations in general and the workings of the Industrial Court in particular, the column will analyse judgments of the local court (and on occasion foreign courts) in a way that will bring light to the sometimes-tense relations between employers and employees.

The term: “Landmark” has been applied to a recent award of the Industrial Court, which is causing a stir in various industrial relations communities.

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STAFF from BP Trinidad and Tobago’s (BPTT) reservoir development and exploration teams carried out a tree-planting exercise on Wednesday to offset the teams’ carbon footprint. The exercise took place at Bunsee Trace, Penal in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries.

OROPOUCHE East Member of Parliament Dr Roodal Moonilal is calling for the immediate resignation of newly appointed chairman for Trinidad Petroleum Holdings Ltd (TPHL) Michael Quamina on the grounds of apparent bias and conflict of interest.

IN THE last month, the two state company chairpersons (Penny Commissiong and Wilfred Espinet) were dismissed and the boards they chaired were reconstituted, either in whole (Tourism Trinidad Ltd) or in part (Heritage Petroleum Holdings Ltd). 

THE HOUSING Development Corporation (HDC) granted unprecedented benefits and incentives to the Chinese construction company, China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co Ltd (CGGC), as part of an agreement to construct 5,000 apartment units at sites across Trinidad, according to a copy of the contract documents viewed by Express Business.

LIQUEFIED natural gas producer Atlantic reduced its headcount by 9 per cent last year, however, the company’s non-tax contributions to the T&T economy increased by 7.6 per cent that year.