Franklin Khan

Energy Minister: Franklin Khan

IN A bid to address the under-employment in the energy sector, the Ministry of Energy has enlisted 40 former island scholarship winners to engage in a mentorship programme at the Ministry of Energy.

Energy Minister Franklin Khan said it was Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s vision to create a cadre of energy professionals.

Khan explained that the work of the technical and professional staff of the Ministry of Energy is specialised, which means the ministry cannot not look to the wider public service for the recruitment of professional staff.

In addition, the ministry has to compete with the international oil companies in compensation for staff.

He observed that between 1998 and 2004, only two members of staff resigned from the Ministry of Energy.


JMMB Group Ltd (JMMBGL) recently launched an Additional Public Offering (APO) of shares concurrently in both Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. The issue is currently sized at 266,737,797 ordinary shares, with JMMBGL reserving the right to increase this issue to a maximum of 325m shares. 

THE CONVENTIONAL belief in sociology used to be that it takes a whole generation for patterns of social or cultural behaviour to change. The rule of thumb definition of generation was 15 years. In this axial age we are going through, time seems to have speeded up and cultural changes take place every decade or less. This is as true in industrial relations as it is in family life, in economic or political life.

SCOTIABANK’s senior vice president Caribbean South & East Stephen Bagnarol is in St Kitts and Nevis finalising matters relating to the transfer of the bank’s operations to Republic Bank.