vandalised underground cables

RESTORED: A TSTT crew examines the vandalised underground cables at Cross Crossing in San Fernando that led to widespread service interruptions on Sunday.

MAJORITY State-owned Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) said yesterday that most of the customers impacted by Sunday’s sabotage of one of the company’s main communications arteries have had their service restored.

In a statement yesterday afternoon, TSTT said some of its customers continue to experience intermittent or disrupted service during the restoration efforts.

On Sunday, vandals ventured underground to cut and steal TSTT’s fibre optic and copper cables from a major telecommunications artery in Cross Crossing, San Fernando, interrupting mobile, Internet, fixed line and cable service to tens of thousands of customers throughout the country.

In a statement Sunday, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service said according to its reports, at 12.23 a.m. on July 31, TSTT received a cable alarm from its Network Operations Centre at No 1 Edward Street.

“The alarm highlighted a disruption to the cable installation from the TSTT Thompson Exchange, which affected the distribution of telecommunications and Internet services in the southern and south-western parts of Trinidad. Technicians at TSTT confirmed that both fibre-optic and copper cables were damaged at the eastern side of the Cross Crossing Bridge.

“The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service views this occurrence as a serious infringement on the communication apparatus of this country. At a first glance, it appeared to be malicious damage and larceny. From speaking with the technical people at TSTT, it is amounting to approximately $1 million in damage,” Jacob said in a voice statement issued by TSTT.

“There are some leads, and we are looking in the near future to solve this matter as we continue with the good cooperation of the TSTT security and the administration of TSTT,” he said.

Yesterday, TSTT said: “We are in the final stages of completing all necessary repairs. Therefore, all customers impacted by this outage should have their services restored soon. “TSTT thanks customers for their patience during the repair process. We also salute our hard-working team for their dedication in ensuring valued customers’ services resumed in the shortest time possible.”


WHOLLY State-owned National Gas Company (NGC) and NewGen Energy (NewGen) have deepened their partnership to cooperate on the enabling of a sustainable hydrogen economy for the energy sector of T&T, by signing a non-binding Heads of Agreement (HOA).

THIS week, the first grocerant, a grocery and restaurant combined, will be opened in T&T.

Called Food Hall, located in east Trinidad at Piarco Plaza, the grocerant has taken businessmen and friends, Omar Hadeed, Jonas Zakour and Daniel Fakoory, almost three years from idea to opening.

For the trio, it is their first local brand.

Chairman of the Tobago Business Chamber Martin George has called on Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) to withdraw a news release it issued on Thursday, which he said appeared to place blame on the domestic airbridge for the airline’s economic woes and failures over the years and make an excuse for not increasing flights between Trinidad and Tobago.

RUM and bitters manufacturer, Angostura Holdings Ltd, yesterday declared an after-tax profit of $67.6 million for the six months ended June 30, 2022, a 21.7 per cent improvement over the $55.56 million the company earned in the same period in 2021.