GENEROUS donation

GENEROUS donation : The aeroboxes are used to create a barrier between Covid-19 patients and health workers during intubation.

Mabe, through Unicomer (Trini­dad) Ltd donated five aeroboxes to the Tobago Regional Health Authority on Friday at the Scarborough General Hospital.

Dr Victor Wheeler, acting medical chief of staff, received the donation from Unicomer’s regional manager of Tobago Operations, Shaun Aleong.

The areoboxes provided will support the protection of frontline health care workers at Covid-19 treatment facilities. These are plastic boxes used to create a barrier between Covid-19 patients and health workers during ­intubation.

This donation brings to a total of 50 aeroboxes to protect frontline health care workers in Trinidad and Tobago.

Mabe, the leading company of home appliances in Latin America, developed the aerobox as a joint venture between the health authorities and its operational business units in Querétaro, Mexico.

In a statement yesterday, Unicomer said intubation is one of the medical procedures that has the highest risk of contagion, and the aerobox will reduce this risk. After going through design, testing, adaptations, and improvements, more than 30,000 aeroboxes will be distributed in Latin America and the Caribbean.

To speed up the design and production of the aerobox, it was decided to use one of the drawers that are usually used in Mabe’s brand of refrigerators as a starting point. “We wanted to use the materials we had in hand and our installed capacity to accelerate the design and production process. Our collaborators have been key to develop the aerobox in such a fast and coordinated way,” stated Farid Arias, industrial director for Mabe in the Andean region.

“The aeroboxes will be located at the Accident and Emergency Department, the two ICUs (Intensive Care Units) and the operating theatre,” said Wheeler. He and his colleague Westly Orr, acting CEO, TRHA expressed their sincere thanks for the donation of the aeroboxes, as mitigating the spread of Covid-19 now and into the future was of paramount ­importance.

“This is just the start of what I see as a long-term commitment to the people of Tobago. Once our resources allow, we will be willing to assist or support in any way possible. This may be a charitable drive, an environmental initiative or a plan towards social change. I am interested in hearing from you,” added Aleong.

About Unicomer Group

The Unicomer Group operates in 27 countries from its headquarters in El Salvador, and has over 15,000 staff members. The company offers its customers the widest and most modern line of products and financial services across the countries of operations.

The retail brands of the Unicomer Group include Courts, Courts Optical, Ashley Furniture HomeStore, RadioShack, Lucky Dollar and Servitech.


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