Julio Blanco Rey

Avaya’s country manager for T&T, Julio Blanco Rey, right and the company’s business development manager for cloud solutions, Gabriel Lopez, pose at the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Port of Spain after speaking with Express Business. —Photo: Jermaine Cruickshank

AMERICAN multinational technology company, Avaya, has partnered with TSTT to deliver a unified cloud-based communication solution to small to medium-sized businesses.

“This solution is about bringing different channels of communication that employees from any enterprise won’t need to be tied to a desk anymore.

So you don’t need to wait to go to the office. You don’t need to wait to go to your home. You can actually be connected in your work environment, anywhere, everywhere,” said Avaya’s country manager for T&T, Julio Blanco Rey.

“The main driver for this type of solution and alliance with bmobile is to respond to the needs of businesses to optimise their investment in enterprise communications. Through solutions that are managed by third parties it means that they (businesses) don’t need to invest anymore in infrastructure. So if you are a new customer you can start just by using mobile devices that you already own, like your cellphone, tablet or your laptop,” he explained.

What exactly does Avaya do?

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA, Avaya is recognised as a world leader in collaborations and communications.

They provide unified communications, real-time video collaboration, contact centres, networking and related services to companies of all sizes worldwide.

Unified communications entails combining different forms of communication into one solution for an efficient, easier way for employees to communicate.

By integrating various forms of communication, including e-mail, instant messaging, telephony and video, businesses can communicate and collaborate effectively on any device at any location.

Avaya’s solution was officially launched last week Wednesday at the House of Angostura in Laventille.

Blanco Rey, as well as Avaya’s business development manager for cloud solutions, Gabriel Lopez, spoke to Express Business last week Tuesday.

Bmobile will offer Avaya’s platform on an as-a-service basis through its data centre.

End-users will be able to access the solution through the app Avaya IX Workplace.

“This solution is something we call Powered by Avaya. So we enable bmobile to build a solution here that they are able to resell to the end- users,” Blanco Rey said.

“We are launching a cloud service based here in Trinidad. So even though it is cloud, it is located here in Trinidad data centres. So all the communications and all the traffic will remain here. Of course, if you make a long distance call it is going to go outside, but the main traffic will remain here. And that’s very important because it is in your market for your market,” Blanco Rey pointed out.

“The solution includes instant messaging, video sharing and collaboration. It’s all about mobility. And it’s all within a single platform which is secure and flexible,” he added.

The cloud solution aims to be both flexible, scalable and eliminating the need for excessive upfront investments, he noted.

“This is based on per use. So it means if you start today with 50 users you pay for 50 users. If within a month you want to scale to 100 then you pay for 100. So it’s not a fixed rate. It adapts to your needs. With this solution we can scale from 50 to 3,000 users,” he said.

Blanco Rey noted that Trinidad is the first English-speaking Caribbean territory to use this particular Avaya solution.

“But it is a solution that is already working in countries like Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico,” he said.

Asked about the platform’s security features, Blanco Rey noted: “Within our solution we have what is called a session border controller so that encrypts the whole communication you have within the solution. It is an encryption of 128 bits which is pretty much very secure. So that means that a consumer doesn’t need to deploy any additional security solution like VPN (virtual private network) within the mobile phone. They just connect.”

While the commercial launch of the product was last week Wednesday, Lopez said it has already been deployed within bmobile data centres.

“It’s already tested. We already have live customers that are already paying for the service,” he said.

“We expect this to grow very fast because bmobile’s plans are also very aggressive,” he said.

About Avaya

In 1995, Lucent Technologies was spun off from AT&T, and Lucent created units of its own in an attempt to restructure its struggling operations.

Avaya was then spun off from Lucent as its own company in 2000. It remained a public company from 2000 to 2007, when it was purchased by two private equity firms TPG Capital and Silver Lake.

In 2009, the Avaya Aura for integrated communications was introduced, and in December the company acquired Nortel Enterprise’s assets for US$900 million.

On January 19, 2017 Avaya filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 to reduce its debt load of about US$6.3 billion.

Later that year, Avaya’s networking business unit was purchased for $100 million by Extreme Networks.


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