FOR MILLENNIALS when it comes to financial matters things can easily go awry, and nobody wants to be financially unprepared. Asking yourself these questions is crucial to setting the foundation for managing your finances and securing your future.

1. Do I have wasteful spending habits? Evaluate your spending habits and determine if you are only spending and not saving for your future goals. If this is your reality, then having a grasp on your personal finances becomes challenging. If you want to build long term wealth, you need to be able to prioritise your expenses and decipher between needs and wants. Be sensitive to your own financial position, if you can change those bad spending habits, you should. Sometimes, small daily decisions can help, for example, you can prepare meals at home more often than you purchase meals on the go or you can ignore the Amazon alert on the reduced price on that watchlist item you don’t really need.

2. Do I have specific investment goals? Your financial goals should define how you approach investing. Identifying your financial goals and determining if they are short-, medium- or long-term, will help you to determine the level of risk you are willing to undertake when constructing a personal investment portfolio. If you have a short-term objective (something you want to achieve in the next three years) you may be very cautious with the capital you have to invest and therefore would seek out “safe” investments with modest returns. If you have a medium-term objective, you may be willing to take on a bit more risk for a more attractive return. 


Atlantic LNG’s liquefaction Train 1 could be back up and running as early as next week, says Atlantic’s chief executive officer Dr Philip Mshelbila. Mshelbila said yesterday that the company is currently doing a maintenance or turnaround (TAR) of Train 1 to extend its operational life.

BP Trinidad and Tobago (BPTT), this country’s largest gas producer, says it is working on mitigating and slowing the rate of the gas production decline it forecast earlier this year.

An interview with chairman of the National Gas Company, Conrad Enill on what it means for the company and the country. LAST week, Yara Trinidad Ltd (YTL), one of the energy industry’s downstream companies that produces ammonia, announced its decision to close one of the three plants that it operates on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate by December 31.

JUST over three years old and already one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the region, T&T-based digital payment solutions company, WiPay, is already thinking of going public, by listing its shares on a stock market next year.

So said Sieunarine Coosal, Group Executive Chairman, Coosal’s Group of Companies, in accepting his induction into the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce Business Hall of Fame last Friday.

COUNTRIES IN the Caribbean and Latin America, including Trinidad and Tobago, have set a collective goal of 70 per cent of renewable energy (RE) by 2030, the most ambitious plan in terms of a global regime.