Express Business Filler #1

Review the pensions of all public officers.

And withdraw the Clause 7 amendment of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

These calls were made by Independent Senator Charisse Seepersad on the Government yesterday as she contributed to the debate on the Miscellaneous Provisions Amendment Act in the Senate.

Government needs the vote of at least one Independent for the measures to become law. But Seepersad said the exception of the tax amnesty, she was “unhappy” with all the other provisions of the bill and she “was not convinced of their merit”, suggesting a lack of support.


In many cultures, time is not regarded as something successive, but as a circular phenomenon. Although the conventional European concept of history is sequential—that time is linear, just one thing after another until you die—subconsciously we know it is not. It is circular. “What goes round, comes round,” the old people used to say from wry experience.

REPUBLIC Financial Holdings Ltd (RFHL) ended its 2019 financial year with a profit of $1.58 billion, an increase of $258.3 million or 19.5 per cent over the previous year.

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has ramped up efforts to reduce customer delinquency. The HDC announced that it has partnered with bill payment service, SurePay, to give customers an additional option to make their monthly payments.

A FINE drizzle falls over cocoa fields sheltered by ancient-looking immortelle and cedar trees on either side of the narrow, broken La Peyrouse pitch road between Gordon Village and Salvador in the misty Montserrat Hills.