Brother Mudada

VERY REFLECTIVE: Brother Mudada Photo: GBTV

“Life.” It is Brother Mudada’s (Alan Fortune) 2019 song which he sung at Kaiso House, Queen’s Park Savannah, and at the neighbouring Carnival Village. Although “Life” did not take Mudada to the finals of the calypso monarch competition, “Life” was enjoyed by people including President Paula-Mae Weekes when she graced Kaiso House.

Mudada also said he gained a deeper appreciation for life when he was en route to the late De Fosto’s (Winston Scarborough) funeral and he (not his car), got into an accident on November 8. Instead of heading to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Independence Square, Port of Spain, he was rushed to Westshore Hospital, Cocorite.

A mere three days af­ter, the ca­lyp­so fra­ter­ni­ty said farewell to the Mighty Shadow, De Orig­i­nal De Fos­to Him­self (Win­ston Scar­bor­ough) died of a sus­pect­ed heart attack.

Life is everlasting

Asked about his inspiration for “Life”, Mudada said: “We all know life is everlasting. It is ever moving. Life is ever flowing and ever growing.

But life will not go as long as you want it to. Death will come as night follows day. We have to keep in mind. Every thing in life is for a time.”

Mudada added: “ I remember my late friend Morgan Job (politician) would be interviewing people about life. The philosophy of life. I have read avariciously about life. I have read the Bible’s views on life.”

Mudada, who hails from Morvant, added: “I reflected upon my close brush with death when I was heading to De Fosto’s funeral. Prof Ken Philmore had died. I had just said goodbye to Shadow (Winston Bailey). And now De Fosto. Later Superior (Andrew Marcano) died. When I got married, ‘Supie’ signed the papers.”

Recounting the unfortunate incident, Mudada said: “Suddenly a man squeezed me, when I was coming out of the door. He reversed onto my body. He took me to Westhore.

They acted quickly and they gave me a check up. It could have been worse. I could have died. I thank Almighty God for sparing my life.”

Admires De Fosto’s passion for pan

Although he did not make it to the funeral, Mudada said: “I miss him. We are neighbours. Rootsman was another calypsonian in Morvant.

I admire his enthusiasm for the pan. De Fosto knew we were the Mecca Of Steelband. He liked to pay tribute to people who did outstanding feats for Trinidad and Tobago. He was a true patriot.

I think he started after the late Dr Eric Williams (historian/first prime minister had died.” Mudada also remembers Shadow giving him the princely sum of $1 to sing chorus on a song called “Bad Neighbours”.

Obama supports volunteerism

Asked about his vision for a better T&T, he said: “I would like people to heed former US president Barack Obama’s call for more volunteerism.

People should give of themselves to worthy organisations and community events. People should do their best to uplift T&T. They should mentor the young ones.”

Mudada loves his country, but he has legions of fans in St Thomas, nited States Virgin Islands.

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“It’s my second home. It’s a beautiful country. It’s a place where I won titles. It’s a place where people love calypso. They also started a Carnival Village. It showcases all the genres. Gypsy (Winston Peters) got the idea there. I was privileged to sing “Life at Carnival Village, too.”

An Excerpt from “Life”

“You could do all the wrong you could do

But not as long as you want to

While your doing that keep in mind

Everything in life is for a time

Today you may be dull

Tomorrow you shine

Because life don’t stay

One way all the time”


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