A plant based disposable plate.

A plant based disposable plate.

TRIBE Carnival and its affiliates announces that they plan to go Styrofoam-free for Carnival

2019 as they collaborate with local company Hello Green, as well as Solid Waste Management Company (SWMCOL).

The band announced all lunches on Carnival Monday and Tuesday will be served in 100 per cent compostable packaging by Vegware and will also be collected by SWMCOL for composting thereafter.

Additionally, the band is replacing all Styrofoam cups on the road that are used for serving “spiked snow cones”, with eco-friendly paper cups. This decision eliminates over 25,000 Styrofoam containers and cups (approximately 1,437 kgs of waste) entering landfill from the two Carnival days alone.

Styrofoam is extremely difficult to recycle, non-biodegradable, and has been associated with health concerns globally.

While concerns were raised by the various caterers about the durability and functionality of the compostable containers, fears were put to rest after rigorous testing was completed.

One well known caterer and industry leader, Dean Johnson of Food Etcetera Ltd, stated: “In our opinion this Hello Green/Vegware container is certainly suitable for the packing, holding, transportation and distribution of hot meals for Carnival Monday and Tuesday.”

TRIBE Carnival is making a proactive and conscious effort to use compostable packaging even without a enacted legislation on a ban on Styrofoam products.

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Because TRIBE one of the largest bands for Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, these efforts would have a significant effect as well as raise awareness about environmental preservation.

Many other Caribbean islands have banned the use of Styrofoam. Some have also banned single-use plastics such as cutlery, straws and cups.

TRIBE Carnival plans to continue its efforts to be more environmentally responsible and aim for minimising its carbon footprint as much as possible.

CEO of SWMCOL, Ronald Roach, added: “Our Carnival celebration had its origins in recycling and re-use of materials. Over the years, the use of disposable products has led to significant quantities of waste being generated during the revelry.

“SWMCOL is happy to be a part of the efforts at resource conservation through this compostable programme with TRIBE and Hello Green. It is our hope that this can eventually lead to a sustainable Carnival celebration.”


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