Newly crowned 2019 stickfighting champion Anderson Marcano, from Princes Town gayelle, dethroned 2018 champion Talparo resident/Corner Spot El Dorado Bar champion Ralph Moses at the bois finals held at Arima Velodrome on Wednesday night. St Mary's A Gayelle bois man Roger "Dog" Sambaree emerged 'king of the rock.' The finals were also dedicated to the late Carib queen Jennifer Cassar.
Bois stalwart 'Indian John' was also honoured. 
Among those present were Acting Arima mayor Cagney Cassimire, and the husband of Cassar, Augustin Cassar and her son John Cassar. They were joined by Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat, National Carnival Commission (NCC) commissioner Darian Marcelle, NCC stickfighting co ordinator Joseph Adams, advisor Clarence Moe and Carib chief Ricardo Bharath-Hernandez and St Mary's A Gayelle Co ordinator Brenton Hamilton. 
Despite the delay caused by the inclement weather, hundreds of supporters enjoyed the event. The bouts resulted in swollen eyes, fingers and brusies. Combatants slipped at times. There was one disqualification. 
The chantwels and drummers kept up the momentum. Hordes of supporters from rural areas including Mayaro, Rio Claro, Princes Town, Tableland, Penal and Debe  participated in the proceedings. Express Photo Editor ROBERT TAYLOR was at the competition and captured these images. 
2019 Top Gayelles 
Princes Town Gayelle 
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St Mary's A 
El Dorado Corner Spot 
King Of The Rock 
Roger "Dog' Sambaree


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