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Nalini Dial | NCT: Arima

Candidate for Arima

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Nalini Dial

Nalini Dial

  • Occupation: Pharmacist -
  • Social Activism history Animal Rights Activist
  • President/ Founder of Animals are Human Too T&T (AAHT)
  • Director/Producer - television programme ‘Animal Cops T&T’ (WINTV 2010)
  • Chairperson of Fireworks Use Sufferers (F.U.S)
  • Head of Animal Cruelty Investigation and Rescue Team (ACIRT), in coordination with the Commissioner of Police
  • Chairperson of the Congress of the People’s National Consultation on the Dangerous Dog Act 2012
  • Appointee to the Committee on Animal Welfare Draft Legislation (October 2019) by Minister of Agriculture Land and Fisheries Minister Clarence Rambharat
  • Spokesperson for First and Immediate Respondents (F.A.I.R.) re: Trestrail Farms HDC project
  • • Supporter of the Arima Rotary Club
  • Political Activities
  • • Women’s Representative on the Congress of the People’s Lopinot/ Bon Air constituency executive (2010-2012)
  • • Campaign Manager for Congress of the People candidate Curtis Orr - local government elections (2010)
  • • Director on Board of SWMCOL (2011-2013)
  • • 1st female candidate for Congress of the People’s first leadership elections (June 2011)
  • • Founder/ Political Leader of the National Coalition for Transformation (NCT) (March 2013) • NCT Candidate for the St. Augustine constituency (General Election 2015) Professional History
  • • Qualified Pharmacist (U.W.I. 1985)
  • • Owner/ Manager of Dial’s Drug Store (1965 -1991)
  • • Owner/ Manager of D’Abadie Drugs, E.M.R D’abadie (1986-1988)

• Owner/ Manager of SurgiMed Dispensary, San Fernando (2006-2008) Other interests Health and Wellness Adviser; Environmental activist; Youth Development; Unrepresented groups/ LGBQTI.


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