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Faris Al-Rawi L.L.B., L.L.M., L.E.C | PNM: San Fernando West

Incumbent for San Fernando West

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Faris Al-Rawi

Faris Al-Rawi

VISION: My vision is that the gift of diversity and multicultural traditions that Trinidad and Tobago has been blessed with can be harnessed for the creation of a society committed to the preservation of family values, responsible community and the rule of law.

I believe that a rising tide of good and informed public discourse will float all boats to engage all of the population – from block to boardroom - in a necessary debate to chart our future together. I envisage a society in which the right, the privilege and the responsibility to vote is held sacred and acted upon to ensure that every voice is heard, every citizen enfranchised.

In the future we design together, San Fernando and other growing city centres will grow ever more capable of sustaining the hopes and dreams of the burgesses. They will become crucibles for the blending of the best attributes to forge a people resilient, caring and disciplined.


Faris Al-Rawi born of Iraqi and Trinidadian parentage, is a son of the proud city of San Fernando. A passion for service to community and country courses through the veins of this third generation Parliamentarian. Mother, Diane Seukeran, served as the Member for San Fernando West and as a Minister of Government during the 8th Parliament. Grandfather, the venerable Lionel Seukeran, served in the San Fernando Borough Council and in the Legislative Council as an Independent Senator.

Mr. Al-Rawi obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree (Hons.) from the University of the West Indies and read for his Masters degree in the laws of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Alternative Dispute Resolution at King’s College, University of London. At the Hugh Wooding Law School where he obtained the Certificate of Legal Education, he graduated in the top of his class and was admitted to practice law in Trinidad and Tobago in 1996. Mr. Al-Rawi was an associate Attorney in corporate commercial and conveyancing matters with one of the oldest law firms in Trinidad until February 2000. He has a very active litigation practice and acts as Counsel and/or Instructing Attorney to several Senior Counsel and Senior Junior Counsel in the profession and is regularly before the Courts upon matters of serious commercial note. He is on the panel of Attorneys for a number of commercial banks in Trinidad and Tobago and has served on numerous boards of directors in the private sector.

Mr. Al-Rawi joined the Peoples National Movement in opposition in 1995 moving to immediately function as a legal advisor to the Tunapuna Piarco Regional Corporation so as to prepare for the Local Government Elections which followed the General Elections of 1995. He then took up the position of Vice Chairman and then Chairman of the St. Augustine Constituency for the General Elections of 2001. In 2002 he joined Board of Directors of the Land Settlement Agency and the National Housing Authority and oversaw the transition of that latter body into the Housing Development Corporation.

In the period 2003 to 2006, Mr. Al-Rawi served as an Alderman of the Port-of-Spain City Corporation. In 2007 Mr. Al-Rawi rejoined the Board of Directors of the Housing Development Corporation and often functioned as its acting Chairman until August 2008. He has also served on Specialist Cabinet Appointed Committees. The PNM defeat at the polls in 2010 was Al Wari’s call to action and to serve as an Opposition Senator of the 10th Republican Parliament.


I was taught from an early age that the politician had a role to play in nation building, as his contribution to society. I joined the People’s National Movement in 1995, motivated by the policies of an enduring and resilient organisation. Since then I have worked tirelessly and at many levels to win and maintain office for the party I believe is best equipped for responsible leadership and to manage the economy in these trying times.

Elected, I will bring a history of personal achievement and integrity to the service of citizens. Politics aside, I have two passions, the Boy Scout Movement and the martial arts. Both allow me to impact the lives of young people at an early age when the principles of personal discipline, civic mindedness and teamwork can be inculcated. In government, and notwithstanding any other role I may play, I will continue to devote time to the development of the young men and women of tomorrow.

My grandfather instilled in me the principle that you are not defined by where you come from, but rather by the choices that you make. I choose the PNM as the only viable party to lead Trinidad and Tobago. I believe that such a choice is the only one open to right thinking citizens who want to chart a new path to prosperity and security.


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