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Barry Padarath | UNC: Princes Town

Incumbent for Princes Town

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Barry Padarath

Barry Padarath

A name that has grown to become a common one amongst the political arena today, Barry has been at the forefront of representing the interest of Princes Town. Working in the political sphere since his young days, Barry brings a mix of youth and experience to the Parliament.

He is passionate about empowering young people to achieve their true potential and is also a motivational speaker with several youth organizations.

A 37-year-old young professional who holds a Bachelor of arts degree from the University of the West indies in the field of International Relations, History and Government.

He is currently pursuing law with the University of London and has also completed certificates in global studies and world affairs at the University of Wisconsin, USA and Atlantic College in Wales, UK on a Rotary Scholarship award.

He served as the youngest advisor to the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago and has steadily and proudly held this position for five years. His portfolio included community relations matters, policy planning and implementation.

Serving as the Member for Princes Town since 2015, Barry has contributed on numerous pieces of legislation and debated several motions.


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