The UNC's political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar

Political Leader of the United National Congress, Kamla Persad-Bissessar is clarifying her comments made during a political meeting on Thursday night, when she said “blank” in reference to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley. Some heard the word “black”.

In a statement today, Persad-Bissessar said: “It is pathetic that Keith Rowley is trying to bring race into his campaign in a post on social media.”

The UNC Leader issued the following statement:

Keith Rowley is again trying to divide the population by purposefully using the word “black” instead of “blank” with the hopes of stirring a racial argument to distract the population from his failed tenure.

The term used - which, to be clear, was “blank man” in reference to Dr Rowley’s complete lack of ideas, vision or plan. Indeed, it’s also a reference to his entire term in office which is blank. We encourage everyone to look at and read the entire contents of Mrs Persad Bissessar's speech which was pre-written and they will see that the word blank was a theme to describe the Failed Rowley Government and was used over a dozen times.

This is politics at its lowest and most dangerous since Keith Rowley risks inciting racial discord in Trinidad and Tobago because of his reckless statements.

Even if he misheard what was said, the connotations are so severe that one would assume that Rowley would confirm that what he was about to allege is indeed the truth before making such heinous accusations.

The fact remains that Keith Rowley has no plans, a track record of failure and is desperately trying to inject race into his campaign as he has nothing substantial to offer to the population.

The party I lead, the United National Congress, continues to advocate for unity as we can only rebuild our nation together.”