Vote for incumbent Princes Town MP Barry Padarath.

This was the call of former Opposition Senator Wade Mark yesterday, as he criticised the People’s National Movement (PNM) for raising an issue about Padarath’s nomination papers.

Speaking at a news conference on Monday, PNM chairman Colm Imbert, confirmed that the PNM intends to take legal action to challenge Padarath’s nomination via the filing of an election petition.

Imbert said, Padarath being in quarantine on nomination day (July 17) did not mean that he could not sign his consent form as required by law.

Imbert said once Padarath was in the country on nomination day, he was required by law to sign the consent form, which he did not do. He said flyers would also be distributed in the Princes Town constituency informing the electorate of the situation.

At a news conference in Port of Spain yesterday, Mark said the PNM has no case as he called for Princes Town constituents to come out in their thousands for Padarath.

“If I’m a candidate and I go to you as the returning officer and you stamp my form and you tell me I’m clear, your responsibility as the returning officer acting on behalf of the EBC (Elections and Boundaries Commission) is to ensure that my form, my nomination papers are in order,” said Mark.

Mark said the issue being raised by the PNM is just “old talk” and “desperation” and further criticised Finance Minister Colm Imbert for saying that the PNM will inform constituents to not vote for Padarath.

“Imagine he’s telling people to not vote for Padarath....if you so sure you have a case why you telling people don’t vote for Barry?...Well I’m telling the people of Princes Town vote for Barry Padarath and give him 17,000 votes.... and ignore the Minister of Finance who has been a monumental failure in this country and who had presided over the contraction of this economy,” said Mark.

He said under the Imbert’s stewardship not one year did the economy grow.

“You just have to ignore him completely. Old talk,” he said.

Mark also criticised Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley for presiding over a Cabinet where National Security Minister Stuart Young and Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi recused themselves countless times. Labelling it a national scandal, Mark said there should be a criminal forensic investigation into Young’s Cabinet refusals.

Mark said it was a flagrant abuse of office for Rowley to sit at the Cabinet table and preside over all these things.


The Ministry of Health provides the following clinical update as of Wednesday morning.