01) “More Than Friends” - Sexy Marisa & Prof Bounty Targetz (3 weeks as a top pick)

02) “My Dear Papa” - Zachary de Lima (2 weeks as a top pick)

03) “Guns of Hysteria” - Annalie Prime (2 weeks as a top pick)

04) “River Calling” - Ruth Osman (5 weeks as a top pick)

05) “No Talking” - Rochelle (2 weeks as a top pick)

06) “Who Got This” - Rizon (6 weeks as a top pick)

07) “Big Up D Youth” - Ach Kalab (1 week as a top pick)

08) “In The Middle of Life” - Aaron Ifil (3 weeks as a top pick)

09) “Tears I Cry” - Justin Cross (5 weeks as a top pick)

10) “I Will Be With You” - Gabriel Pierre (2 weeks as a top pick)

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Those are lyrics of “O Creator,” the most popular of Peter Telfer’s compositions, of which there are many. All of them worthy of being sung in churches, synagogues, mosques and temples the world over. For while Peter was, as they say, a staunch Catholic, he loved God and spent his life seeking as intimate a relationship as possible with his Creator.

SOME have called NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope the “telescope that ate astronomy”. It is…

For a woman, the moment she detects a lump in her breasts, panic sets in.

Whether the biopsy results come back showing the lump as cancerous or benign, that woman’s life as well as that of her loved ones changes forever.

The greatest lesson one can learn is learning how to learn by oneself.

That tongue twister from music producer Rishi Mahato perfectly sums up his approach to music making.

There will be no grand stage, but the Grand Slam will still sizzle today. Despite the unprecedented circumstances of the last 18 months, the spotlight on spoken word has not dimmed, and the First Citizens National Poetry Slam (FCNPS) will see an outstanding Grand Slam final tonight.