Sherma Andrews


SHE has toured, she has performed with some of the greatest artistes of all time, and she has spent time working and conceptualising with top producers. But now, singer/songwriter Sherma Andrews is on home soil, to give her home-based fans a taste of her legendary repertoire.

Local fans, as well as those in the region, will experience Andrews in Legendary Lady Singer, a virtual concert on Sunday, June 6 from 5 p.m., which will be livestreamed on Wack Radio’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube platforms, as well as broadcast on Synergy TV, TTT and Gayelle.

The concert is free; however, donations are encouraged via FundMeTnT platform, as proceeds raised will be used to purchase 1,000 face masks that will be donated to various children’s homes across Trinidad and Tobago. Funds will also go towards the production of a video for her single, “Home Is Where the Heart Is”.

Andrews, who is a seasoned vocalist and instrumentalist, is well-known as the singing powerhouse who toured worldwide with Latin superstar Enrique Iglesias. The San Fernando-born beauty has scored a number of career highs internationally, working with pop legend Britney Spears, queen of disco Donna Summer and five-time Grammy award-winning soul singer Michael McDonald.

The concert is being produced by Perissos and is aimed at sharing love, through entertainment and comforting the masses at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be a challenge for many. Guest performances will include Darren Sheppard, Sean Daniel, Pastor Terrence Baynes and jazz songbird Vaughnette Bigford.

In a telephone interview with the Express, Andrews said the concert will be one close to her heart, as she has spent some time away focusing on her career. “The concert is really just my way of saying I want to help. I want to use my platform to help as many as I can. I am so happy to be home and I really couldn’t wait to get here to do this.

Andrews, a Berklee College of Music alumna, will perform some legendary hits as well as some of her own songs and some feel-good gospel classics. “I have a special song that I wrote for the pandemic called ‘Stand Together’. I really believe we could stand together and work together to eradicate the pandemic. It’s a short concert. I believe in giving glory to God so I will perform a song called ‘Nothing Better’, it’s one of my own compositions.

“It’s going to be a wonderful show. It’s a free show but you can donate because I also want to focus on giving back. When the pandemic started in 2020, it forced a halt in my production and the entire entertainment landscape was halted but I didn’t just accept that, I developed two shows which were featured on Facebook. One was called Request Live, where I sat on my piano and I performed songs where the audience would request. And the second show I developed was Sunday Church Song, where I played popular church songs to encourage hope and comfort and a feeling of warmth and love because at the time people were going through so much, losing family members because of the pandemic.

“These Facebook concerts were a distraction to the pain that people were feeling. I did them for over a year and I only just stopped the show so that I could come back to my home in Trinidad to do some concerts to help my own people because these are scary times and my idea is to devote some time to my people and create a wonderful atmosphere with some virtual shows.

“Over the years I have been working on my career. I’ve developed the Legendary Lady Singer series, where I sang the hit songs of legendary female artistes who have influenced my career. So, what I did was I looked at their lives, their singing, their abilities, and how they became who they are and I performed those songs during my shows,” Andrews said.

Andrews’ manager is Ian Riley, who also functions as a consultant along with the team.

Andrews is proud of her latest project which is the video for her single, “Home is Where the Heart Is”, which will highlight her love for Trinidad and Tobago and will feature scenes from her San Fernando hometown, as well other scenic places across the country. A roster of internationally acclaimed musicians and producers are expected to work on this project, including Steven Taylor, Graham Wilson (producer of “Hey Jude”), Mark Dingwell and Yehudi Walters.

“This is an original song that I wrote a couple years ago. It’s about the way I feel about my country and my people. No matter where I am in the world, I always felt home was Trinidad. The song was so easy to write because it came naturally. It was really and truly in the depths of my heart,” Andrews said.

Andrews has performed Legendary Lady Singer all over the world, which has prompted her to launch her own cover version of all the top female legendary singers of the world. “After every performance people wanted to take me with them, so I had to find a way to do that. So I developed the CD with a compilation of songs that I would usually sing during the concerts. So, songs like Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’, Tina Turner’s ‘Simply the Best’, ‘Route 66’ by Natalie Cole, ‘Sweet Love’ by Anita Baker and so many other songs. So the CD is a way for people to get to enjoy these songs after the show,” she said.

While Andrews performs all genres, this concert will cater to people who appreciate adult contemporary music. “This show is targeting the legends. Not many people can do the legends, so this is a very special show. This show was actually doing very well until Covid came and all the venues had to shut their doors. I am catering to a mature adult contemporary audience, people who enjoy great music from the 80s and up,” Andrews said.


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