MX Prime has injected renewed optimism and positive energy into the global fight against coronavirus with his new soca crossover single, “Vaccine”.

The socially conscious performer, real name Edghill Thomas, says he couldn’t sit by idly without making some sort of po­si­tive contribution towards the global fight against COVID-19.

Clinicians worldwide are maximising every expertise and resource to hold the deadly virus at bay while scientists look for an effective treatment.

MX, formerly known as Maximus Dan and Maga Dan, says his contribution is to do what he does best: uplift spirits through music.

“I was working on beats for an upcoming project I wanna put forth this year, with a fusion of Afrobeat/Caribbean vibe, and then I heard the words and melody in the intro come to me and I asked myself, should I go this route? It wasn’t my vision for the music, but the song presented itself, which I felt was now my responsibility to do,” MX Prime told the Express yesterday.

Max, as the Carenage-born artiste is still fondly called, said he’s “seen first-hand” the effect music has in bringing not only joy but a sense of calm and hope to difficult situations.

“Being a lover, student, creator and performer of music, I’ve seen first-hand what a song or beat can do, along with the message, so for me it’s always about feeding the world with positive vibes even while speaking about a serious matter,” he related via WhatsApp.

“Our young artistes have found a way through social media marketing and a no-season approach to find their audience; all they need is support and guidance where needed.”

Maximus, like almost every other music creative on the planet, has found himself isolated from his fan base. All shows have been cancelled. And with movement restricted, the Internet is the only space left to interface with “bored” fans.

Belt-tightening time

“It’s gonna be tough for all artistes globally. Entertainment is one of the things that fuels the world, so as an artiste who does voice-overs, music production, ads, etc, the belt-tightening is in full effect,” he said with a wry smile.

“But the work continues because as soon as the all-clear is given, it’ll be about what’s new in my opinion, so I choose to create no matter what,” he continued more seriously.

The “Full Extreme” singer however says he’s “jamming still” by inviting fans into the more intimate spaces of his creative process.

“When you look on IG (Instagram) these days, the live interaction has gone up tremendously. We have to keep our audience engaged as much as possible. To premiere “Vaccine”, I went live to show folks the process, etc, (and) it was appreciated,” he said.

The “Soca Train” singer insisted on using this platform to send a poignant message to the people of this nation to focus on being the solution, and not the problem, in these difficult times.

“What I would say to my country, and by extension the world, is don’t be the virus, be the vaccine. Use this time to bond with family, pray for those who are infected and protect yourself and others by following the necessary measures. We wake every day to hear about a new case or death which can be disheartening, but we can fight back by means of education and taking precautions,” he concluded.

MX Prime—“Vaccine”


Whole world get quarantine

WHO intervene

Whole world get quarantine

CDC dem pon di scene

Whole world get quarantine

De military wit dem machine

Whole world get quarantine

Somebody wake up de queen


Make de world pure and clean

Make yuh mind pure and clean

Wash yuh hand dem pure and clean

Wash yuh mouth pure and clean

Time to come with a vaccine

Round de world wit a vaccine

Coast to coast wit a vaccine

Heal de world wit a vaccine

Verse 1

Time to lock down borders

Uno listen to de government orders

Time to follow procedure

Get up to date with the media

Time to put God first

But doh gather too much inna de church

Make ting better doh make ting worst

Stay vigilant and alert


Verse 2

NBA get lock down

And all de football get shot down

Entertainment clamp down

Mi ah check mi iPhone and Samsung

Boom! Go party inside

Everybody on Instagram live

Internet save dem life

Send this message worldwide





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