Sam Mendes

Director Sam Mendes gives instructions to two of his actors.

Acclaimed British-born director Sam Mendes is making a World War I film about his Trinidadian grandfather Albert H Mendes.

Titled 1917, the film is the incredible real-life story of Albert who, at age 20, risked death from snipers, machine guns and shells to run messages for two days through the mud-filled craters near Ypres, in Belgium during the war. Mendes, 54, says 1917 is inspired by stories told to him as a child by his grandfather, who won the Military Medal for bravery during World War I.


Two of my patients, one with diabetes and kidney failure, and the other with kidney failure passed away this year. It is really sad to hear of the transitioning of patients, and both were on dialysis. Kidney disease is not an easy battle; add diabetes, and it makes matters worse.

The diminutive bartender earned that title and the $10,000 first prize at the local leg of the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge, held on Monday at the Angostura Hospitality Box, Queen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain.

This year the group presents, Deo Gratias (Latin for “Thanks Be to God” ), a show undertaking styles of music spanning several centuries and cultures, which will launch the start of a year-long celebration of musical and non-musical activities in honour of the group’s 40th anniversary as a music organisation in Trinidad and Tobago.

THE lifespan of a bottle usually ends once its contents have been emptied. But some bottles either have sentimental value or are too beautiful to throw in the trash—so Clive Prevatt of LickaLamp gives them a second life by transforming them into practical pieces of art.

The parang fraternity is in high spirits this month as the Yuletide season once again brings this art form into the spotlight.