Errol Fabien

Errol Fabien

Over the past year and through the Carnival season the island’s creatives have been earning very little or no income at all.

While the soca artistes and some musicians have had some respite via virtual concerts and more recently live shows with limited audiences, many other artistes, however, continue to languish on the breadline.

Among those hard hit by the fallout from Covid-19 are the comedians. Just as their short season of shows was beginning last year, the lockdown started, leaving them without even that income stream.

Concert promoter, Randy Glasgow has been brainstorming to come up with sensible ways to create viable income streams for artistes and the people who work with him.

He observed that while singers and musicians have recently begun getting some work, the comedians were finding no gigs.

So he decided to produce his Alternative Comedy Festival (ACF), albeit on a much smaller scale.

Over the years the ACF has built an impressive following. Randy Glasgow Productions (RGP) presents several shows at venues across Trinidad and Tobago. Each of these shows usually attract a couple thousand patrons. RGP employs dozens of people, including comedians, singers, musicians, dancers and technical personnel for each show. That can’t happen now, but Glasgow believes he can provide a little relief for some, at least until things open up again.

RGP is presenting two ACF shows on February 20 and 21, at the Naparima Bowl, San Fernando, from 7 p.m. nightly.

As with all live shows in these times, there will be strict Covid-19 protocols, mandatory masks, social distancing and more.

The ACF usually features comedians from North America and across the Caribbean, but this year the situation allows for a completely local cast only.

RGP is therefore assembling as impressive a line-up as possible featuring the seasoned favourites along with newly discovered talent.

Among the line-up for the ACF 2021 are:

Learie Joseph

Errol Fabien

Kenneth Supersad

The Drunkin Saint

NCW The Entertainer

Maco Metre Crew

Bacchanal Sisters

The Dancing Midgets

Paris Coutain


International Women’s Day has become a date to celebrate how far women have come in society and in their various fields. It is a day of celebration and reflection on all the progress women have made and to raise awareness against bias and take action for equality. But while there has been progress, there are still major obstacles that women continue to face.

“It’s a small world after all, it’s a small, small world.” Popular song and as truthful as night leads to day.

Having a chat with master guitarist Joey Ng Wai two nights ago, we realised just how far back our encounters with one another go. I asked him if he was in any other bands before Frantic. He told me he was actually part of a band called, Zoom and the Band when he was 13 years old.

A monthly round-up of news about Caribbean books and writers, presented by the NGC Bocas Lit Fest. Welcome to the latest instalment of the Bocas Book Bulletin, a monthly round-up of Caribbean literary news, curated by the NGC Bocas Lit Fest, Trinidad and Tobago’s annual literary festival, and published in the Sunday Express.

When he plays one finds oneself not only enthralled by his music, but also mesmerised by his dexterity.

Enrico “Gittarman” Camejo is one of the most skilled and versatile guitarists on the island. From classical to jazz, parang to soca and rock, Camejo plays it all with consummate ease. He’s also one of the most amiable, genuinely loving people you’ll ever encounter.

“When I’m feeling a little low I put on my favourite heels to stand a little taller…” — Dolly Parton

Meril Young walks confidently along the busy street in Morvant six feet tall in her favourite shoes. She is on route to the hospital. The usual street crowd of early morning limers and roadside workers watch her stride. We are talking via mobile phone as she paints the picture of her morning. “It’s a beautiful, sunny morning, I’m a bit tired from my last shift but God is good!”

Eighty-five years after the UK publication of the ground-breaking Minty Alley, the only novel by CLR James, at a time when Caribbean literature is once again seizing the attention of British audiences, the Bocas Lit Fest has joined forces with British organisations to celebrate Black British culture.