Owner of Ohana Restaurant, Neeala Mongroo.

We Are Ohana: Neeala Mongroo is the baby in the bunch of beautiful flowers cherished and nurtured by her parents. This young woman recently made a bold leap into the culinary industry, opening the Ohana restaurant on Endeavour Road, Chaguanas.

Ohana, Hawaiian for family, is an affordable fine dining restaurant that caters for families and offers international cuisine featuring infusions of local flavours and ingredients into the dishes. The décor is warm and inviting with soft lighting that allows one to comfortably see what’s before them, while making for an intimate atmosphere.


I have patients who have varied degrees of this condition. For my final clinical exam at university, I remember quite clearly praying I got a patient who had rheumatoid arthritis. It was such an interesting area to speak about; the way the condition can present, progress, be managed, and possibly impact mobility and quality of life.

There is a new musical Fridge on the market and its slimmer, sleeker and dare say, sexier than the old model. For his entire singing career Jason Seecharan has carried the moniker Fridge. It’s a nickname that perfectly matched his imposing six foot-plus 300-pound figure.

The Lydians choir will celebrate its 40th anniversary with the Christmas concert “Deo Gratias” (Thanks Be to God), from December 12 to 15 at the Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s.

The sweet sounds of pan emanated from the Immortelle Children’s Centre for Special Education which signified the opening of the new Pan Room at the facility on November 21. The extraordinary $30,000 project enables the special school to incorporate pan music as part of their curriculum and therapy.