“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”- Winston Churchill

As you read these words by Winston Churchill Covid-19 cases and deaths continue to climb in T&T… Lives are lost, businesses bust and people complain about curfew and challenging times… Crisis.

In her New York apartment, publisher, best-selling author and life coach, Reea Rodney sighs. She is concerned about the crisis of her homeland but she reminds herself that there is always a silver lining amidst the dark cloud. Truth be told, Rodney is an authority on dark clouds, as the storms in her life have been drastic. Crisis. She could write a book on crisis from actually being one of the first to be diagnosed the dreadful Covid-19 virus in March 2020 to struggling to live through the other obstacles in life...

“When I got Covid-19 my health deteriorated rapidly. I got a pulmonary embolism as a result and my lungs, liver, kidneys and heart started failing. In the midst of it all I praised God and people prayed for me. But most importantly, God pulled me through,” Rodney declares.

But despite the scattered showers, her chapters testify to silver linings as her storyline emerges from a place of pain to a pathway of purpose…

“Winston Churchill’s quote is my favourite which is why I made sure to heed its wisdom. I learned from my misfortune and used the knowledge acquired to help me discover more about myself and what I am destined to do here on earth,” the CEO and founder of Dara Publishing and Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Coaching company states. We are chatting via phone as I learn more about the Rodney chronicles- the life experiences of a Trinidadian woman etching her way internationally into an unfamiliar territory of the literary world.

“I left T&T in 2006 and migrated to the US with high hopes of becoming a paediatric nurse but my dream was curtailed when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia,” Rodney relates.

Fibromyalgia is a disease synonymous with constant debilitating pain often causing emotional and mental distress. The graduate with an Associate degree in Occupational Studies wasn’t spared of any symptom of the disease.

“It was hard to cope. I felt hopeless and then one day while I was reevaluating my life and my options I heard a soft voice who identified as God whisper—‘write for your healing’. During that time I didn’t have confidence in myself; I had a speech impediment (stuttering). Nevertheless, I remember thinking I had nothing to lose and so I decided to put the love I have for children into a different vehicle- books. And then I trusted God to do the rest,” she recalls.

Through the assistance of coaches, but most of all her own drive to turn a crisis into a crowning victory, her publishing career kicked off followed by training and then a career in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) life coaching.

As I listen to Rodney’s testimony unfold into a raving resume of achievements- self-publishing consultant and mentor, parent and children life coach, CBT coach, motivational speaker and a number one bestselling author, I decide that it lends for a good motivational book with a disclaimer of the necessary hurdles of hard work, sweat and tears.

It may very well be an Amazon bestseller like her noteworthy children’s book series, Junipera and Rose, which consists of three Amazon bestseller storybooks SistersFirst and Best Friends Forever, One More Bite Please and We Will Always Come Back. All three books are highly ranked on Amazon and very popular amongst readers. To date, Rodney has successfully self-published 20 books of which 15 are children’s books.

“Everyone’s journey towards success is different. While I’m now reaping some benefit for the fruits of my labour it has not been easy due to all the challenges I’ve encountered, from overcoming fibromyalgia and self-doubt to recovering from Covid-19. I am completely and utterly elated and thankful to God for my success. Not once did I feel like quitting on myself nor have I allowed any of these things to be an excuse for me to not progress or persevere in my aspiration.”

Rodney’s innate ability to face her life challenges and make a difference motivate others to do the same so much so that her journey now includes self-help books- I Empower Me —Mindfulness and Empowerment: A Guide to Parents and Educators and others.

To conclude, she wants to pave the way for others to follow: “In addition, I’m working on an anthology programme which would be a combination of three anthologies and submissions which will be open to anyone wanting to be a part.

This would give aspiring authors the opportunity of being published as a contributing author which would enable them to add ‘published author’ to their resume, social media profiles, and establish credibility as a writer”. In so doing, Rodney will certainly empower others to never let a good crisis go to waste!


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