Renee Ali

Mosquito researcher Renee Ali checks a tyre trap for mosquito larvae.

For many of us, mosquitoes are a daily annoyance, and one that we would happily stay far away from for the rest of our lives. But Renee Ali looks at these flying nuisances a little differently. A self-proclaimed “mosquito girl”, Renee is one of a devoted team of local researchers studying these tiny flying vampires to find out more about where they live, what they eat, and how we can better protect ourselves from the many diseases they carry.

Mosquito research in Trinidad and Tobago has a rich legacy passed down by the late Prof Dave Chadee— known to many as the original “mosquito man”. Ever been on a plane and saw the flight attendants spraying the cabin before takeoff? You have Prof Chadee to thank for that, as he was responsible for implementing the spraying to cut down on the spread of mosquitoes across countries (by hitching a ride on planes).

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