The Cunapo (St. Francis) Roman Catholic school will be hosting a Parang Party Lime this Friday to raise funds.

With performances including the likes of Voces Jovenes, La Esperanza and Voces De Promesa, the proceeds of this event will go towards the development of an onsite playground.

Established in 1953, the school has boasted many academic achievements in recent years including pupils who have earned places in the top 100 at the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) exam.

“This playground is critical for our student’s well-being and development as they do not have any safe area for play or even to engage in physical education” according to a statement by the school.

Principal Anne-Marie Alonzo told the Express that the lack of such an area has left staff and pupils commuting to other areas to hold sporting and physical education exercises.

“Where the children play it is not currently very safe. Our footballers, we have a very promising team but they have been held back by the fact that they do not have an area to practice. In addition, our physical education classes are hampered because we do not have an area to conduct them. We sometimes have to go out of our school area to get facilities,” she said.

In addition to the playground, other projects are being pursued by the school such as a pavilion, a covered area for school assemblies, expanded garden space for agricultural science and an area designated to the school’s guidance counsellor for sessions with students.

However the school admits that ticket sales for this fundraiser as well as its previous two events have been slow. “We have since held two fundraisers but have not been able to reach our goal...Ticket sales have been slow for this event we do not know how successful it will be.”


Tickets can be purchased for $100. With food and drinks available, the event will start at 7p.m and offer door prizes. The event will be hosted in the premises of the school at 31-37 Brierly Street, Sangre Grande.

For further information, the school can be reached at its Facebook page @Cunapo St Francis Roman Catholic School or by telephone 691-1434.


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