Kevin Adonis Browne

Kevin Adonis Browne


During the Troubles in Northern Ireland, I was invited to Ulster University, and was told sternly to be sure and lock the university building where I was staying, first the outer gate, then the inner, then the door to my corridor upstairs, and then the one to my room, each with a different imposing key; once inside this stronghold I heard laughter and came upon a crowd of poets, talking, drinking, reciting.

It was startling, like a sunburst of colour in pervasive grey winter, another world. The company included Michael Longley, Eavan Boland, Medbh McGuckian, Derek Mahon, Paul Muldoon, Ciaran Carson, who had his penny whistle and was playing it—but memory may be playing tricks. Poetry, I realised, could be a vivid shared pleasure, something understood between friends or new acquaintances; a feature of a party alongside the drink and the craic and the songs: not silent, not solitary, not somehow high-minded or especially melancholic, even when the content was filled with dread and misery.


A crossing on a Bridge over Troubled Water to a place where we can all believe. That’s what singer/producer John Thomas provided everyone in ear shot at the launch of the 2019 edition of his “Believe, The Secret of Christmas” musical production, on Tuesday evening, at MovieTowne, Invaders Bay, Port of Spain.

Kenny Davis is the man you want to call when you have a plumbing emergency. The young plumber is fast building a reputation for his reliability, quick turnover and high quality of work. He says it’s the tenets upon which his eight-year-old Davis Plumbing Service is built.

“Enough drama to rival Downton Abbey”, so says Dr Karen Sanderson Cole, Lecturer in the Academic Literacies Programme at the Modern Languages and Linguistics Department, about a collection of wills and probate documents given to the Alma Jordan Library.

I have patients who have varied degrees of this condition. For my final clinical exam at university, I remember quite clearly praying I got a patient who had rheumatoid arthritis. It was such an interesting area to speak about; the way the condition can present, progress, be managed, and possibly impact mobility and quality of life.