Dalton Jeremiah

COOKING WITH PASSION: Entertainer Dloxx (Dalton Jeremiah) aims to inspire daily at his self-titled Dloxx Kitchen in Arima.


A good meal is like hearing your favourite song. The right combination of ingredients could make you bob your head and shuffle your feet.

That’s exactly the response entertainer Dloxx (Dalton Jeremiah) aims to inspire daily at his self-titled Dloxx Kitchen in Arima. Dloxx cues up a different local favourite on his menu’s turntable six days of the week at the eatery located at Cynners Sports Bar on Subero Street in Malabar.

Much like his crossover musical sound, Jeremiah says Dloxx Kitchen is a Trinidadian-style restaurant with a Jamaican influence.

“I love our culture and local dishes. I’m also very fond and fascinated by Jamaican yard-style cooking. So, Dloxx Kitchen is a Trini-style kitchen with a slight Jamaican influence and theme, especially with me having dreadlocks, hence the name Dloxx,” Jeremiah said through a wide smile when he spoke to the Express on Thursday.

Jeremiah says his daily menu updates, which include dumplings, dasheen bush and pigtails starters; a middle of the week serving of curried crab and coconut dumplings, Saturday-soup-day home-style broths and a Friday wild meat, is music to the eyes, ears and mouths of his eager social media following.

“The same way I cook with love, and put passion into my food, is the same love I’ve received from the customers. My meals are anticipated with excitement daily,” he said.

“I have a very active Instagram page @dloxxkitchen where I share the dishes and give the customers a mouthwatering insight on the dishes of the day. The customers do respond well and place their orders immediately.”

A self-taught passion

Jeremiah knows a thing or two about generating a favourable response from a captive audience. The Sangre Grande-born singer/songwriter is the brother of former 3Suns soca star Menace aka M1 (Sherwin Jeremiah). In 2017, the younger Jeremiah was catapulted into the national spotlight with his inspiring anti-violence track “Take It Down” which featured soca star Machel Montano.

A consumer-centric approach that places customer satisfaction above profit margins accounts for his success in both creative fields, Jeremiah said.

“My food, like my music, stands out from the norm because the emphasis is on flavour. I do not spare any expenses when preparing any dishes, because for me making sure that customers get a tasty and hearty meal, despite the cost, is what is most important,” he revealed.

Cooking, like making music, comes naturally to his creative mind, said Jeremiah. The 36-year-old performer says he always “somehow ended up in the kitchen” whenever there was a social work or family gathering.

“Honestly, culinary art is something that I’m very passionate about. I have no formal training in the field. I just simply love cooking and feeding people,” Jeremiah said.

“I started cooking late in my adulthood, by preparing basic meals at home. The more I cooked, the better I got at it, mastering self-taught tricks that work very well. As I continued cooking, I would always get positive feedback from friends and family, so eventually I became the designated chef to cook wherever there were social gatherings and casual limes as my culinary skills were demanded and adored by my peers,” he added.

Spurred on by family and friends he decided to make his kitchen dream a reality. The ongoing pandemic, however, meant he had to wait several months for the ban on bar operations to be lifted to get started.

“It was challenging to wait, as the kitchen is now my main source of income as Covid-19 has affected Carnival and has kept back a lot of the work I would have been able to do as an artiste, but I kept the faith. Now, I’m thankful that finally, Dloxx Kitchen is now open for business and serving its customers.

Much to his surprise, Jeremiah said an unexpected spicy garnish to his meals became signature to his operations as people started demanding he make more of his mother-in-law pepper.

“The first dish I started with was curried duck or fried kingfish, dhal, rice and a garden salad. I said to myself, a nice mother-in-law pepper is going to be the best complement to this dish. I made it just for that day, however, the crowd kept on requesting the mother-in-law.”

“So now, though time-consuming, I prepare it daily and it has become a significant part of the garnish meals here at Dloxx Kitchen. It’s all a part of going the extra mile for the customers,” he concluded.

Dloxx Kitchen mother-in-law pepper


4 large scotch bonnet peppers

5 blades of chadon beni

3 cloves of garlic

1 red onion

1 lime

6 pimento peppers


1. Finely chop all ingredients

2. Combine all together

3. Add salt to taste


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