Molly is a dangerous drug shrouded in fun times.

Molly is a dangerous drug shrouded in fun times.

MAKE drug education and prevention classes part of the school curriculum, Garth St Clair of Eye on Dependency is urging the Ministry of Education.

St Clair’s call for action comes in the wake of a video taken last weekend which shows men and young women in the vicinity of the Hasely Crawford stadium passed out or incapacitated and requiring the help of emergency services. The culprit, said St Clair, was a combination of alcohol and what are known as ‘zesser pills’ which contain ecstasy and crack cocaine.

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Alyssa Joseph is a firm believer in embracing and sharing the love of her lord and saviour Jesus Christ. The 12-year-old gospel music starlet has released a new single reiterating that belief entitled: “You Fill Me Up”. She says the self-penned Daniel Joseph-produced track is to encourage anyone doubting their self-worth to find acceptance and love in their faith in God. A music video for the song, directed by Jody Allert, was released on YouTube last month.

It’s a sunny Wednesday morning in Red Hill, Maloney, (Eastern Trinidad) and I can’t help but dream about a banana cupcake paired with peanut butter buttercream drizzled with chocolate ganache and topped with banana chips and candy bacon... Wait! Candy bacon?

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