Farmer Nappy

Farmer Nappy with his Lifetime Achievement Sunshine Award.

Farmer Nappy is beaming with pride after being presented with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Sunshine Award.

Farmer ( Darryl Henry,) was handed the honour in recognition of his 30 plus years in soca music at the 31st edition of the Sunshine Awards in New York last month.

“I’m proud of the fact that I won the lifetime achievement award. I consider myself as coming from nothing to something. It was like baby steps all the way and finally this was a first big step. Hopefully there are many more to come. Nobody thought I would achieve this because I came from nothing to something,” an elated Farmer told Kitcharee on Friday.

Nappy, 48, headed six Caribbean honourees at the awards ceremony including Trinidadians Albert Laveau; businessman Robert Amar; Dr Andre Cropper and Johnny Thomas. Bajan entertainer Red Plastic Bag (Stedson Wiltshire) was also inducted into the Sunshine Awards Hall of Fame on the night.

Making hit music

Nappy singled out Barbadian hit music producers Michael Hulsmeier and Scott Galt of the De Red Boyz as the main architects of his decade-long resurgence in soca music. Together they produced the groovy soca hits “Hookin’ Meh”, “Big People Party”, “Surrender” and “My House” among others.

“The Red Boyz has basically produced every single hit of mine. I must say thanks to Mikee for being the little white boy who taught the little black boy about the history of reggae, and about Peter Tosh. He showed me that music has no race and taught me so much more that I didn’t know about music

“I have to thank Scott too. He taught me the business side of music and forgave me for the mistakes I made in the beginning,” a grateful Farmer said.

The veteran soca act also attributed his consistency in music to his songwriters. Farmer built a reputation early on as a top soca writer having co-written several hits with childhood friend and former bandmate Machel Montano. The duo wrote: “Big Truck”, “Music Farm”, “UFO”, “Big Phat Fish” and “Water Flowing” just to name a few.

These days Farmer doesn’t do much writing and has turned to hit makers Jason “Shaft” Bishop and Kambon Rigault, as well as singer Nadia Batson who penned his 2019 hit “Hookin Meh”.

“I came up as a writer. I no longer write for myself. I have to give a huge shout out and big-up to the writers that contributed to my success over the past 12 years including Shaft, Kambon and Nadia Batson of course. She (Nadia) writes the real songs to make the women comfortable in life,” Farmer joked.

Farmer insisted on giving special thanks to his inner circle that includes the Montano family and his life partner Katrina Chandler. Chandler heads his Country Life team that includes NH Productions. Nappy started his career in music with the band Pranasonic Xpress led by Machel Montano.

“I must thank the Montanos for always being there for me and my life partner Katrina for believing in me and helping to push me forward. These are the people that keep me going,” he concluded.


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