Ganja, guns and girls, is the cynical response in verse from rapso artiste Ataklan to the proverbial question: What runs the world? The Morvant-born chantuelle, Ataklan (Mark Jiminez) has never shied away from opining on local society throughout his near three decades in music. His latest offering “Ganja, Guns and Girls”, a remix of a track previously recorded with Swedish production team Jamtech, takes a hard look at the root causes of the growing drug and gun culture in Trinidad and Tobago.

He sings: Hey politricks man, we check yuh mix man/take yuh licks blindfold excursion/flood out the town with drugs and ammunition/tables turn don’t you beg for compassion/thief all we money, no need to confess/ghetto youths vex, yuh make we whole life stress/know how it feels to be powerless/as we take control of this mess.


The Director of the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), Carissa F Etienne, said the response to the Covid-19 pandemic in the Region of the Americas must include chronic disease care, as one in four people are at increased risk of poor outcomes from Covid-19 due to underlying noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)

The show must go on. Even in a pandemic.

Veteran actresses/producers Penelope Spencer and Cecilia Salazar are determined to make that old show business adage true as they prepare to debut their latest theatrical production online.

THE medieval emperor Charlemagne once said, “To know a second language is to possess a second soul.”

Family practitioner Dr Visham Bhimull has personally experienced the truth of those words. He speaks several languages but two languages in particular—Caribbean Hindustani and Hindi speak to his soul because they are the languages of his ancestors. Having a command of those languages has helped the physician to fully embrace his Indo-Trinidadian identity and honour the legacy of those who came before him.

The House of Zari is a small East Indian fashion boutique based in Debe. The name Zari denotes one of the oldest forms of working in Indian wear that came to India from Persia back in the Mogul days.