Dr Catherine Minto-Bain

WORKING TOGETHER: Dr Catherine Minto-Bain, medical director and consultant gynaecologist at the Trinidad and Tobago IVF and Fertility Centre, with one of her team members. —Photos: Michele Jorsling

SINCE becoming a mother, Yelena can’t imagine her life without her children. But it often broke her heart knowing that there are people out there who for whatever reason are unable to have children. So Yelena gave someone else the chance to experience the joy of having a child by becoming an egg donor.

Yelena is not alone. Many women like her have chosen to give life by donating their eggs either to someone they know or anonymously to someone they don’t know.

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While the large Carnival mas bands, especially the all-inclusive ones, seem to be thriving, hosting elaborate launches and attracting premium corporate sponsors, the small and medium bands don’t fare as well.

The following is a synopsis of a paper I presented recently at the Caribbean Festival of Arts (Carifesta). It was presented at UWI’s Department of Creative and Festival Arts in Trinidad and Tobago. The paper is entitled “(East) Indian Art and Caribbean Aesthetics”.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh has responded to an Express editorial which noted a fall in public confidence in the health system over the past year. This drop was indicated in a poll commissioned by the Express and conducted between September 1 and September 5 by data analytics firm Solution By Simulation Ltd (SBS) headed by Nigel Henry.