“God is ah Trini”.

That’s the heartwarming reminder from soca star Swappi to every Trinidad and Tobago national facing financial, physical and mental adversities at the start of 2021.

Swappi (Marvin Davis) says like many folks in T&T he has found the going exceedingly difficult throughout the ongoing global pandemic with little opportunities to earn.

Despite the challenges the Sea Lots-born singer says he feels optimistic about this new year and felt compelled to share that “never, ever worry” message with the national community. He recently put those sentiments to song in his latest release “God is ah Trini”.

“It’s something we all been saying since we small: ‘God is a Trini’. We born hearing that. Is a phrase that is very patriotic to us and lets us know whatever the circumstance things will work out in our favour,” a cherry-sounding Swappi told the Kitcharee during a heartfelt conversation on Wednesday.

Swappi said when music producer Mad Man Johann (Seaton) approached him with the idea he immediately decided the song had to come from a genuine place. With the help of singer/songwriter Azaryah (Seumas Keelan Callendar) he told his own personal story of overcoming hardship through the belief in self and his God.

“I must big up Johann, he was like we cyah go back de way we started. We need to give them people some resilience based on what is going on across the world and by extension home. What the people would appreciate is some kind of hope.

“It was challenging; we went back and forth numerous times. Big up to (Azaryah) who did some work on it. But we went back and forth and until we got the right energy,” Swappi said.

An emotional process

Swappi visits several locations across Trinidad and Tobago in the “God is ah Trini” music video. While he looks calm and happy he said shooting the video was very emotional, understanding what the song could potentially mean to people going through life-changing ordeals.

“It was very emotional. Every lyric I sang was actually things I went through so to sit down and realise what I goin and talk and speak and whatever I say could touch somebody was heavy. I believe a lot of people went through what I went through and even more people going through that right now. I just allowed myself to flow with the pen and it materialise so to translate that on the set of the video was very emotional,” he explained.

Swappi said 2020 has been one of his most difficult years. He had to not only come to terms with the threat of the deadly pandemic on his life and his family and friends. He also, somehow, had to accept what he had planned as a major earning year would never materialise.

“I eh gonna lie. I’m a real person and l hate to sugar-coat things. It’s not going nice. We get licks bad. We get hit real bad. Around this time we supposed to be gigging. But whatever we have and whatever lil monies we made over the years we just have to rally that until things better in 2021,” he admitted.

Like it or not, the world has forever changed, Swappi said. It’s up to every individual, whatever field they may be in, to adjust and find a way of doing things under this new order, he said. His recently released video project for the afro beats fuelled “Properly” is also gaining him traction throughout the diaspora.

Swappi and his management team have also joined Bunji and Fay-Ann’s Chrendin online movement and are expected to announce a virtual concert date in the coming days.

“The world has changed so we have to change with the world, the times, the moment and the energy. So it’s all about adaptation right now. Entertainment has changed drastically. There is no live shows, but there are live streams. This is the new way forward in my field to entertain people and gain some funds out of it. That’s what we are putting in place right now,” he said.

Swappi’s engagement went viral last Carnival when he asked his girlfriend Carissa Railwah to marry him on stage during his Swappton Saturday concert at Estate 101, Maraval. The outspoken singer shied away from naming a wedding date when pressed by the Kitcharee, only saying: “It’s still pending.

“We looking at a date. How is engaged life? Well boy, is a bit of a challenge. Its different from what I have known before. What I would say is marriage is no joke, is serious busines,” he concluded with a laugh.

Swappi asked that fans follow him on his new Instagram account swappi_swappdan as his old account has been hacked and is no longer in service.


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