Marcus Braveboy

Trapso artiste Marcus Braveboy is flanked by actress Rebbeca Elias and singer Steph Kalloo on the set of his “GyaaAladdin” music video.

Marcus Braveboy says he finally understands himself as an artiste. The rapso cum hip hop cum trapso artiste is no stranger to reinvention. He has toured the world and worked with music producers on both sides of the Atlantic and everywhere in between.

Formerly known as Mark Hardy, the much toured act also had to change his name in 2017 when copyright issues arose due to a similarly named international act. Back home in T&T Braveboy released a music video earlier this week for his latest single “GyaaAladdin”. Produced by Italian music project Hysterism, the song is a playful interpretation of Middle East belly dance music that drips of the Diego Martin-born emcee’s unique swag. 

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