June Doyle

June Doyle

THE 90s brought us the popular book series Chicken Soup for the Soul and 2020 brings us the equally motivational book Grown up Conversations by June Doyle. The book’s release signals her debut as a published writer at the age of 64, but Doyle, who divides her time between Canada and Trinidad has been an inspirational blogger for the past four years. What began as a personal project of hers now has a worldwide following in 125 countries. Through her blog junedoyle.me she has written extensively on personal development, family life and interpersonal relationships.

“Blogging to me is very therapeutic. Some people live with all of their baggage, I have used blogging as a way to take something negative and turn it into a positive. I want to leave something positive for someone else using my own situations and experiences in life,” she says.

When Doyle and her family migrated to Canada 30 years ago, she dedicated herself to supporting her husband of 47 years and being a hands-on mother to their four daughters. After her children left home, this empty-nester started contemplating the ‘what’s next’ phase of her life. It was while going through a particularly distressing time that Doyle sought refuge in her faith and decided to put her thoughts into writing. She became an active blogger, never missing a day. It came as both a surprise and a relief to Doyle that blogging gave her something her life was missing—a voice.

“I was the little girl who grew up without a voice. I grew up in a large family, I was number ten in the family. It was like I was competing with high performers in a class and my chances of getting into first, second or third place were virtually impossible. Now because of my blog, I have finally found my voice,” she says.

No lemon too sour

The beautiful thing about life, says Doyle, is that it gives each of us the opportunity to evolve and reinvent ourselves into something better. Her blog became so popular among her readers that they began encouraging her to write her own book. By mid-November 2019, she got started.

“I’ve written Grown Up Conversations for women who are ready to move past their hurt and the bitterness that life had handed them through very difficult circumstances. My motto is ‘there is no lemon so sour that you cannot make something resembling lemonade’. As women we have it within us to push and fight through no matter the circumstances, but it is our thoughts and emotions that hold us back,” she says.

Grown Up Conversations contains 100 chapters; each chapter is concise and easy to read. The book is not a novel and is not designed to be read all at once; rather Doyle recommends readers consume one chapter a day so as to get the full benefit of its content.

Having the opportunity to hold her very own book in her hands at the age of 64 is really special for Doyle.

“I’m not 16... I’m about to turn 65. And I feel that at an age when most people are looking to retire—I got this gust of wind and God has shown me that my best years are yet to come,” she says. “I’ve always been my husband and my daughters’ cheerleader, so having my own book feels like a win for me.”

Doyle hopes that the example she has set by going after something new and fresh in her mid 60s inspires other sexagenarians to pursue their dreams.

“It’s never too late. We all have a legacy to leave,” she says. “One day my great grandchildren can say “This is my great grandmother’s book” and that could be transferred to ten generations after I am gone. It’s not over until God says it’s over.”

Grown Up Conversations is now available on Barnes & Noble, eBooks and Amazon. It will also be on local bookshelves in the near future. Those wishing to order a copy can fill out an online form on June Doyle’s Facebook page.


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