Shamfa Cudjoe

MAXIMISE POTENTIAL: Sport Minister Shamfa Cudjoe

“ADOPT a culture of entrepreneurship.” Sport Minister Shamfa Cudjoe recently challenged about 750 young people from the nation’s schools at the launch of the National Secondary Schools Entrepreneurship Competition (NSSEC), at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), Keate Street, Port of Spain. Cudjoe said it was important to “move away from the culture of chalk and talk,” and “focus on wealth creation, and develop leaders and innovators.”

Among those present were Culture Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, First Citizens deputy chief executive officer Jason Julien, Massy Foundation manager Adele Rose, Japanese Ambassador Tatsuo Hirayama, Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce CEO Gabriel Faria, 3Stone director David Stone and his brother, Dr Christian Stone, and Dr Stone’s wife, Sophia.


The city of San Fernando is about to undergo one of the biggest urban renewal plans in Trinidad and Tobago. The San Fernando Waterfront Redevelopment Project will not only change the landscape of the country’s second-largest city, but enhance its economic, social and cultural vitality.

Parang music can help take the unique sounds of these island beyond regional shores says calypso entertainer The Incredible Myron B. Myron B (Myron Bruce), who was born in Maraval, West Trinidad, is the ultimate local cross-genre performer.

Parang music returned and echoed through the borough of Arima last weekend as DJ Sensational Sammy (Herbert Marcelle) and the Sensational Sammy Sound Company hosted the third Annual NLCB “Baila Baila” Parang Event at Jenny’s Ranch on Demarara Road, Arima.