Nicole Akong

London-based jewelry and fashion designer Nicole Akong. Photo courtesy: Gigi Morley

IT was on a morning like any other that Kitcharee was invited to discover something rather extraordinary. There at Hotel Normandie in St Anns we met up with the vivacious radio and TV broadcaster - Gigi Morley, and was granted a tour of the Diamond Boulevard at B3 Wine & Spirits where our eyes feasted on some of the most exquisite and exotic handmade jewelry.

The jewelry is the work of the enormously talented Trinidad-born, London-based designer Nicole Akong. The exhibition of a few of Akong’s most iconic pieces at the Diamond Boulevard was a first for her in Trinidad but since 2010, Akong has been single-handedly shaking up the fashion scene in London. Her jewelry has appeared in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Among her clients is the one-and-only Amal Clooney who is such a fan of Akong’s aesthetic that she owns several of her pieces.

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