MORE THAN 3,000 excited secondary and tertiary-level students, from 50 schools across the country, packed into the auditorium of the Centre of Excellence, Macoya, on Friday to take part in the highly anticipated conference segment of the bmobile Dream Big Expo. The event scored major points from students who got the chance to interact with professionals in diverse fields, including Caribbean fashion icon Meiling, chef and popular food blogger Emily Narayansingh, and renowned scientist Dr Roger Pulwarty.

The two-day event, powered by bmobile, and hosted by radio personality Jared ‘Major’ Penny, was a perfect balance of education and entertainment, with acts such as Daniel Griffith and 2 Cents Movement performing.

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Darryl Duke, TSTT’s senior manager, enterprise operations, who addressed the students, said the company was thrilled to host the first career showcase of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago, as it was yet another way to empower and provide opportunities for the next generation of leaders. Duke also took the time to encourage students in attendance to think outside of the box, sharing with them the extraordinary story of Sebastian Martinez, an American boy, who, at just 11 years old, is the CEO of his own sock company, called Are You Kidding? which he manages with his 13-year-old brother, Brandon, the director of sales.


“Oui Papa Yo” was the creative theme given to the grand fashion showcase held at the Hyatt Regency (Trinidad) in Port of Spain last Thursday evening, and it served as a most adequate expression and one of the more common exclamations heard in response to the jaw-dropping creations displayed by over 30 designers from Trinidad and Tobago and around the Caribbean region.

Everyone is talking about the facades at the Caribbean Festival of the Arts (Carifesta) Grand Market. Artistic impressions of the Twin Towers from downtown Port of Spain, the Chamberlain bridge from Bridgetown, Barbados,

Olivia dreams of using her voice to escape the poverty in which she was born. Her mother is conservative and believes her daughter should only lift her voice in religious praise. The contrasting life views put a serious strain on their relationship.

The Little Carib Theatre’s semi Open Mic showcase and fundraising series—Live@The Carib—returns on August 30, serving as both a celebration of independent artistes and the nation’s Independence Day.

Last week Tuesday, film enthusiasts came out in full support for the films that were screened at the National Academy for the Performing Arts in Port of Spain (NAPA). One such film was A Mural by the Sea, directed by Tony Hall.