Dr Meletha St Hill

CREATED APP: Dr Meletha St Hill

Dr Meletha St Hill has created an app to help pupils pursuing Principles of Accounts (POA) to succeed. St Hill’s AccountsApp features an e-textbook, audio-visual tutorial, flashcard games, pocket notes, and printable ledger pages. She described the app as an excellent teaching and revision tool based upon the principles of brain-based learning.

The AccountsApp idea, St Hill said, was a response to the use of modern technology and digital textbooks.

“Because I had the other supplemental material, I decided to put them all together in the app, thus making it a comprehensive tool for class and self-study. AccountsApp for all platforms was created to provide pupils with the tools to study and pass the CSEC exam in Principles of Accounts,” St Hill said any pupil who can read will be able to use the app and pass the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exam. “The app comprises a textbook that was evaluated by the Curriculum Division and subsequently placed in all school and public libraries.

Further, it includes 28 videos on the syllabus and creative learning strategies, 384 flashcard games, four-volume set of pocket notes with key terms and sample accounts, printable ledger pages, a group forum, and live chat with the author.


THE Covid-19 virus is an equal opportunity spreader that doesn’t care about your race, religion or social status.

That’s the timely reminder in song from veteran calypsonian Brother Mudada (Alan Fortune) in the face of an alarming rising death toll and positive cases of the virus in the country. As of Tuesday there were a reported 55 deaths and 3,008 new cases of the disease for the month of May.

The North Oropouche River is one of the main rivers draining North-East and East Trinidad. Tributaries from the Northern Range such as Cuare and those from East Central such as Cunapo merge along its course to form a mighty waterway into the Atlantic.

MONOCLONAL antibody therapy has been credited with keeping persons with mild to moderate Covid-19 out of the hospital and aiding recovery. This form of antibody treatment is not new. Before the pandemic, monoclonal antibodies (usually administered intravenously as a cocktail) were used to treat cancer, Ebola and HIV, but it shot into the limelight in October 2020 when then-US president Donald Trump received the experimental Regeneron antibody cocktail.

THE card that millions of people use to prove their identity to everyone from police officers to liquor store owners may soon be a thing of the past as a growing number of American states develop digital driver’s licences.

VACCINES are on everyone’s minds these days; a simple Google search of “Covid-19 vaccine” will yield more than one billion results. But how many among us gave much thought to vaccines before the coronavirus pandemic? And yet, vaccines have been our best defence against infectious and deadly diseases here in the Caribbean for more than 60 years.

Features/Entertainment Editor “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” James Keller.

Possibly Jamie Thomas’ final post on Instagram, Jamie would succumb to a heart attack later that night, leaving all who knew him in shock and grief.

Jamie lived that Keller statement, being the proverbial candle that lit hundreds of lives in the 46 years he lived. And live he did.