Felicia Dos Santos

Felicia Dos Santos

EVERY entrepreneur dreams of their business idea turning out to be runaway success story. Cosmetologist and pageant director Felicia Dos Santos knew she had hit gold when she came up with the idea to combine the spa experience with a party ambience which she calls “Sparty”.

The premise is both fresh and exciting—especially if you love to be pampered. Partygoers are treated to facials, manicures, pedicures and massages while they enjoy food and drinks in a party atmosphere.

Dos Santos hosted her first ever Sparty for her daughter’s tenth birthday.

“I’m used to having birthday parties for my daughter but I thought that turning ten is a special age so I wanted to do something different where she could experience what her mom does for a living. I had the idea in my head to start a business offering spa parties but I wanted my daughter to experience it first,” says Dos Santos.

Her daughter invited her closest friends to her Sparty where they all donned matching unicorn robes. Each was given mini versions of facials and massages and pedicures while they sipped kiddie’s champagne and sang along to their favourite pop music. The girls even had their hair shampooed and styled by Dos Santos and her fellow cosmetologists who were careful when treating their sensitive skin. Dos Santos saw the Sparty as a good opportunity to demonstrate to the young ladies the importance of skincare, grooming and proper hygiene. Instead of party bags, everyone left the party with mason jars filled with mini nail polishes, a loofah sponge and candy.

Her first Sparty was such a success with the girls and their parents that Dos Santos knew she was on to something good. She began to get requests to host Sparties for birthdays and bridal parties. She has packages to suit different budgets.

As a cosmetologist and pageant director, Dos Santos spends her time running her boutique and training young women. For Dos Santos, life resembles a delicate balancing act, but experience has taught her how to juggle well.

“My kids are involved in everything that I do. It also helps that I live a very organised and structured life so in the end everything works out,” says Dos Santos.

Sparty is yet another expression of Dos Santos’ creativity that goes hand in hand with her lifestyle.

For more info about her Sparty packages, contact Felicia Dos Santos at 326-8741.


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