Jackie Hinkson

Jackie Hinkson

The Bocas Lit Fest is celebrating its tenth year with a birthday poster by Jackie Hinkson of the iconic Old Fire Station in downtown Port of Spain, and the National Library, the usual home of the NGC Bocas Lit Fest.

Designed by Melanie Archer, the poster is a collector’s item of only 100 signed and numbered commemorative copies of a signature work by the artist, in his much loved crayon medium. It features the Old Fire Station, the original home of the Trinidad Theatre Workshop founded by late Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott, buttressed by the National Library, which was one of many creations of the late architect Colin Laird to be found in our capital city.

A revered artist working across diverse media, Hinkson is also the author of four books on his life and art. His over 100 sketch pads have been inscribed by UNESCO into TT’s Memory of the World Register in 2010. In 2011 The UWI conferred on him an Honorary Doctorate and in 2019, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago awarded him the Chaconia Medal Gold.

“Having grown up in Cobo Town not far from the Old Fire Station, and having drawn our beloved traditional architecture for decades with the appropriately coloured Conté crayon, it is an honour for me to be asked by Bocas to capture this building now and a welcome challenge to juxtapose it with the more modern Nalis”, says Hinkson.

The poster, along with branded T-shirts and tote bags with their signature slogans are all available for purchase via www.bocaslitfest.com/merchandise/ and at Paper Based Bookshop at the Normandie Hotel.

Festival director Marina Salandy-Brown says “Going forward, we’re determined to create more opportunities to engage and grow our network of supporters. During the festival this weekend we are launching our Friends of Bocas Lit Fest initiative and will roll it out in January 2021. Being a friend will bring a number of wonderful benefits including discounts on our merchandise, a subscription to our Book Bulletin, special pricing and priority registration on Bocas workshops and events, and more.”

Friends of Bocas can sign up at www.bocaslitfest.com/friends-of-bocas/ by September 30, 2020, to get the early bird discount.

Today is the third and final day of the 2020 NGC Bocas Lit Fest. All events are free and accessible to all, with no tickets or registration. The programme is being streamed live at bocaslitfest.com/2020/live, facebook.com/bocaslitfest, and YouTube.com/bocaslitfest. All the gaps between scheduled events will be full of fun and surprises and a look back at the Festival’s last ten years.

The National Gas Company is the festival’s title sponsor and First Citizens is its lead sponsor. The main sponsors are One Caribbean Media and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and The Arts. The NLCB is a supporting sponsor and The UWI and Massy Foundation are sponsors.


It’s almost one year since my dear, beautiful mum, Gail, died suddenly.

It was early December, two days after my 50th birthday, and less than ten hours after my sister called me in England to say Mum had tested positive for Covid-19. That telephone call still haunts me and is etched into my soul’s tapestry, but it is in my bones that I first felt something was off in the universe in the days leading up to my mother’s passing.

The festive Christmas season is upon us, coupled with the excitement of the World Cup tournament! It’s only fitting that we look into another common digestive issue that can often put a damper on our ability to enjoy life.

If this topic captured your attention, then you must be all too familiar with the fiery discomfort in your stomach that rises to your chest after you’ve had a meal. You’ve tasted that sourness or bitterness at the back of your mouth, or have had that burning wave that hits your throat and turns your voice hoarse.

A quick lyrical perspective change and a couple recording sessions later and the Tobago-born singer added another Christmas classic to her seasonal collection.

“I am very excited about Christmas this year,” she continued.

“The season started early for me, I guess this is due in part to persons wanting to quickly recapture that joyful spirit and that loss of business. I have not fully let my guard down regarding protecting myself, but I am certainly anxious and grateful to finally perform before live audiences.”